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The Major


Eglal Doss-Quinby, Dawn Fulton, Martine Gantrel, Jonathan Gosnell, Ann Leone, Mehammed Mack, Janie Vanpée and Hélène Visentin.


Ten four-credit courses at the 200 level or above, including:

  1. The basis for the major in French Studies: FRN 230;
  2. One language course at the advanced level;
  3. Three additional four-credit courses in French Studies at the 300 level or higher, of which two must be taken in the senior year.

Of the remaining five courses, in consultation with her major adviser, a student may count up to four four-credit courses in appropriate departments other than French Studies; at least two of these four courses must be taught in French.

No more than one course counting toward the major may be taken for the grade of S/U. Students considering graduate school in the humanities are encouraged to take CLT 300/FRN 301, Contemporary Literary Theory.