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Practicum Experiences

Practical experiences are an integral part of the Sustainable Food Concentration. To fulfill your requirements, you must complete two distinct practical experiences. The goals for these experiences are twofold:

Practical experiences may include internships and paid or volunteer work that aligns with the topic of sustainable food. The Lazarus Center for Career Development and CEEDS staff can provide information on potential opportunities. It is your responsibility to arrange for two relevant experiences.


To count toward the Sustainable Food Concentration, each internship, volunteer, or work experience must meet the following minimum requirements:

Note: If Praxis funding is used to support the experience, there may be requirements in addition to those outlined here.

In order to receive credit for your practical experience, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Receive preapproval from your Climate Change Concentration adviser using the Practical Experience Approval Form. (If you already completed a practical experience before entering the Environmental Concentration, you may be eligible to receive credit for one experience. Instructions on retroactive practicum experiences can be found on our Forms page).
  2. Complete two reflective statements: one in anticipation of your experience and one upon its conclusion.
  3. Have your practicum supervisor complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form. Then meet with your concentration adviser to discuss your experience and sign the form. Send your reflections to them ahead of time.

All of the forms mentioned above can be found on our Forms page.