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THERE are two routes to apply for the French Government Teaching Assistantship (FGTA):
1. Via the Institute of International Education ( I.I.E.).
2. Direct to the French Embassy in Washington, D.C.

At Smith, we take the latter route because the chances are better:

The I.I.E. route is circuitous because, in order to apply for the FGTA, you must first apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to France.
If you are not selected for the Fulbright, your application gets entered into the FGTA competition pool.

I.I.E. have a quota of about 50 FGTAs for which to select finalists.
If you are selected as an I.I.E. finalist, your application is forwarded to the French Embassy in D.C., and again you must apply through them, just as you would have, had you applied to them direct in the first place.

When you apply via I.I.E., you must complete a full Fulbright application just as if you are applying for a Fulbright, which indeed you are.
But if you get awarded the FGTA, you are not awarded a Fulbright although I.I.E. do offer Fulbright Fellowships to teach English in many other countries besides France.

Completing a Fulbright application on its own is vastly more work than applying directly for a FGTA and then, in any case, if you are shortlisted for the FGTA, you end up applying for the FGTA itself – again – to the French Embassy!

The Fulbright ETA to France is a specialized award for highly qualified applicants.
Whereas the FGTA offers 1,500 awards, the Fulbright ETA to France has only five fellowships
for which there are many applicants (122 in 2009 = 4% chance).

So unless your "teaching" profile closely matches that of the French Fulbright ETA as described by I.I.E., and this is indeed what you'd prefer to do and aim for, there no point applying for a FGTA through I.I.E.
carefully to see your options.

Although strictly speaking you do not apply for a FGTA through Smith, we are here to help you with our advising resources.
Let dandrew@smith.edu know if you want to apply or are applying for a FGTA.

If you think you may want to try applying for the Fulbright ETA to France, start at
after self-qualifying yourself at
after studying