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Specific Fellowships

The Fellowships Program at Smith College provides application support and an entreé to foundations for Smith students applying for about a dozen fellowships link-listed at right. There are several further fellowship opportunities for which students must apply through, or with the endorsement of, Smith although the college does not run a formal program for these: Sponsored by Smith.

All students, regardless of the fellowship they are pursuing, should study www.truman.gov for invaluable advice about how to and how not to apply for the Truman fellowship, advice that can be tailored to most fellowships. Students wishing to study in the U.K. (be it through the Beinecke, Fulbright, Gates to Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell for Northern Ireland, Rhodes to Oxford, or Truman) are directed to the U.K. Universities link for a list of websites to research British institutions.

It is prudent for seniors applying for high-odds fellowships (Gates, Luce, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes) to seriously consider also applying for the Fulbright which, even though easier to win, carries immense prestige through its high name recognition. The Fulbright is an ideal gap-year project for those planning to go on to graduate school, or for those who do not know what they want to do after graduating from Smith. Much material prepared for one fellowship application can be modified to fit another.

It is recommended that graduating applicants work also with the Career Development Office so that fellowship applications form part of an overall postgraduate planning strategy. Contact them at x2570 or x2582. The CDO library has copies of graduate school program descriptions found in university catalogs and prospectuses. It is suggested that sophomores and juniors applying for fellowships also work with the CDO in order to have alternate vision strategies in place – that include applying for more fellowships!

Do NOT log onto Fulbright application online until instructed.