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Facilities management is responsible for most of the work involved in maintaining, repairing and altering Smith's residential, academic and administrative buildings.


Mandelle Road Parking Lot Closure

The Mandelle Road parking lot will be closed on Sunday, April 3rd at 7:00 p.m. Re-construction of the lot will start Monday morning April 4th. The lot is a 12 car student parking lot. Other student parking is available at the Stables lot on West Street, or along the Tennis Court access road. When complete half of the lot will be a student project site studying permeable pavement through the geosciences department. A sign has been posted at the site. See links below for more information.



Neilson Library Project Information

Please be aware that a drill rig similar to ones that dig water wells and a small excavator will be on the site at Neilson Library during March recess to take core samples and dig small test pits to provide information to the project engineers working on the library design. They will be working in specific locations around the building for certain periods of time.

If you have planned events in or around Neilson Library on March 14, 15 or 16, please contact Charlie Conant at ext. 2424 or cconant@smith.edu and we will plan their work locations accordingly to minimize disruption.

FY16 Fleet vehicle Use Rates

Effective July 1st, 2015 our fleet vehicle use rates are as follows:

Hybrid car and 6-passenger vans: $.60/mile

Pickup truck, access van and 11-passenger vans: $.75/mile

Facilities Driver (3 hour minimum): $42.75 per hour

paradise road project cameras

Visit this link to see what is happening at the Paradise Road project. https://www.workzonecam.com/ projects/smithcollege

Eye On Energy at Smith College

New software shows energy and water use in Smith buildings

Smith College recently unveiled an interactive technology that enables students, faculty and alumnae to view, from any computer, the level of energy and water use in campus houses and buildings. More information.