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Scott Gym Window Replacement

Please be advised that starting on Wednesday, July 16th, preparation work for the window replacement on Scott Gym will start with the removal of exterior caulk. This portion of the work will proceed from the south end of the building counterclockwise around to the north and will take 10 to 14 days. Work will be performed on second shift and weekends.

Window deliveries will start with a first shipment on July 22nd, followed by a second shipment on July 29th. Installation will start on July 23rd and basically follow the same path as the caulk removal. This portion of the work will take 4 to 5 weeks. It will be performed during normal business hours.

The large arched windows at the north entrance will be delivered September 15th and installation will take two weeks. By October 3rd, the project should be completed.

Please contact the Tom Meyer, the Project Manager at 413-443-2374 or tmeyer@paramountprojmgmt.com with any questions.

health services building construction update 7/21

The Center for Health and Wellness is schedule for completion in August.  Over the next few weeks the contractor will be installing sidewalks and landscaping which will require the construction fencing along the south side of Mendenhall to shift around to accommodate the work.  Although the fence location will shift, an accessible route to the Mendenhall's south entry will be maintained at all times either from the east or the west.

Please see the attached diagram that shows the Southwest section of the sidewalk opening and the Southeast section opening.  Signage will be modified as appropriate to reflect the accessible entry point.

Chilled Water Line Installation:

The work being planned is to extend central campus chilled water mains from John M. Greene basement across Elm Street to provide chilled water for Cutter and Ziskind Houses. Though only Cutter and Ziskind will have air conditioning added at this time, the mains are sized to also provide chilled water from our main chiller plant to handle future air conditioning needs in a number of other buildings east of Elm Street should the college decide to do so at a later time. 

The college performed a chilled water study back in 2012 and this proved to be the most energy efficient and cost effective option. It will also reduce the presence of large, unsightly and potentially noisy chiller units located east of Elm.

In March of 2013 chilled water lines up Neilson Drive were replaced into John M. Greene and the work across Elm Street was originally slated for the summer of 2013, but the extensive site work required at Cutter & Ziskind in phase I of the renovations forced us to wait until 2014. 

Here are some bullets about the work:

The West (JMG) side of Elm Street and it's crosswalk will be closed 6/6/2014 thru 7/4/2014.

The East Cutter Z side of Elm Street and the crosswalk will be closed 7/7/2014 thru 8/8/2014

Final setting of granite curbs and paving of sidewalks will be completed 8/8/2014 thru 8/11/2014

The chilled water lines will exit JMG and run between 76 Elm and JMG until they reach Elm Street, then head across Elm towards Cutter House. 

Reasons for duration;

Deep excavation 14' with cave in protection boxes required 

Large manholes structures that need to be set prior to piping

Ground water pumping and related mitigation measures

Pipe sections must be placed, welded, welds tested then insulated, 

Work will be  under city sanitary, storm, water, Columbia gas mains and Verizon duct bank.

Keeping Elm Street open with two lanes requires two separate operations

Click here for a map of work area.


Quad Construction Notice

New permanent exterior ramps will be installed in front of Wilson House this summer to provide improved accessibility from the drive level up to the top of the Wilson terrace.  During construction, the drive in front of Wilson House and the terrace will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Estimated construction dates are from May 27th through August 18th. Click here for map of work area.

Health Services Building Construction/Belmont Ave Parking Lot Closure

Smith will be constructing a new Health Services Building in the vicinity of the existing Belmont Avenue parking lot. Construction will began on November 12, 2013 and will continue through August 2014.

During construction, parking in the Belmont Avenue lot will be temporarily displaced to other campus parking lots. Alternative parking can be found nearby at the Smith Parking Garage and the Indoor Track and Tennis (ITT) facility, both located along West Street, or in the lot between Ainsworth Gymnasium and the ITT.

Once construction is completed, a new parking lot at Belmont Avenue will be opened for use.