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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in contact with a custodian or supervisor?

During the week, you can contact facilities management customer service at extension 2400, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Customer service can also page custodians or contact the supervisor.

Afterhours, weekends and holidays, all calls go through Public Safety, extension 2490. Public Safety is the contact for all emergencies and they can contact the custodians and supervisor on call.

How do I request work to be done?

Put in a work request at smith.teamworkslive.com or contacting your department liaison. In the residences you can write request for non-emergencies on the yellow sheets on the door of the head resident's room or let your housekeeper know.

How do I reserve a space on campus for an event or request equipment for a special event?

While building and residential services support all events throughout the campus, including providing the trucking of equipment and supplies and the human power to set up, break down and cleanup after these events, events are scheduled through the Events Management Office, or by e-mailing ppspecialevents@smith.edu. Summer programs are scheduled through the Summer Programs Office.

All events must be scheduled two weeks in advance.

Student groups can use the Events Management Office as well as the Campus Center for scheduling events in the Campus Center and Davis Center.

I've been moved to another office in the academic or administrative building. How do I request assistance with office moves?

Put in a work order with facilities management at smith.teamworkslive.com using your network username and password. There are guidelines to follow for moves between buildings, and students are expected to move their own belongings.


How do I find out about full-time job opportunities?

Visit the Human Resources Web site.

Do you offer summer employment?

Summer employment is available for students and dependents of faculty and staff. Examples of these jobs include working in grounds, mowing lawns, raking, moving equipment, cleaning and moving furniture in the dorms or working in the academic and administrative buildings. For more information about summer jobs, click here.

Can students work odd jobs throughout the school year?

During the academic year we will be looking for students working during both semesters, fall break, Interterm and spring break. Examples of these jobs include cleaning and moving furniture, in the dorms with housekeeping or in the academic buildings with the custodians. These jobs will be advertised on Job X.