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Celebrating Collaborations

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About Collaborations

"Celebrating Collaborations: Students and Faculty Working Together" is Smith College's annual celebration of student research and performance. On this day, we highlight student intellectual achievements and the collaborative efforts of our students and faculty in a variety of departmental, program, and interdisciplinary projects. It is a celebration of liberal arts education and all that is embodied by that.

It is our hope that all members of the Smith community and many guests will partake in the intellectual richness of this day, recognizing that these sessions are a mere sampling of the exciting student-faculty collaborations which unfold on our campus every day.

Celebrating Collaborations is a project of the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP).


Collaborations Acknowledgements

Administrative, logistical and executive support for Celebrating Collaborations is provided by the Provost’s Office.

Dining Services provides outstanding food and logistical assistance with refreshments and lunch.

John Eue and the Office of College Relations provide invaluable assistance with publications and publicity.

The Admissions Office provides collaborative efforts to enable this event to be held in conjunction with Discovery Weekend.

The Development Office and the Office of Alumnae makes alumnae and donors aware of this event.

Facilities Management provides essential support with the scheduling of rooms, setup and other logistical assistance.

Classroom Support ensures that appropriate technological equipment and support are available for all presentations.

Matt Gawron and the Campus Center staff coordinate arrangements and kindly allow early access to the Campus Center to ensure that the poster sessions run smoothly.

Genevieve Rose and the Smith College Jazz Ensemble provide entertainment throughout the all-campus lunch.

And Kelly DeForest, Laura Cincotta-Fountain, Danielle Maco '14, and Kara Noble provide impeccable administrative oversight and technical training for the event.