Exercise & Sport Studies

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Advisers: Barbara Brehm-Curtis, James H. Johnson

The Department of Exercise & Sport Studies minor is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to exercise and sport studies. This course of study would be useful for students with an interest in exercise and sport and for those considering graduate study and/or a career in exercise science; community, worksite, or other fitness programs; and the health sciences such as physical therapy and medicine.


Six courses including 100 and either 210 or 215. The other courses (16 credits) may be selected from ESS departmental offerings (check the Smith College course catalogue for all current course offerings).

Areas of Emphasis & Course Recommendations

In addition, one appropriate course from another department may be substituted with the adviser's permission. A maximum of four performance course credits may be counted toward the minor. Course selection for the minor must be approved by a faculty adviser.