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Department Liaisons

Smith College Department of English liaisons are junior or senior English majors who, as their title implies, act to connect undergraduates with faculty in the department. They meet occasionally with the chair to report on student issues or concerns, and they organize social events—parties, film screenings and informal discussions with individual faculty members. English majors and prospective majors are invited to talk to the liaisons.

2015-2016 Liaisons


Elizabeth McCormack '16

Elizabeth is an English major from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Two of her favorite books are The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James and Zadie Smith's On Beauty. Elizabeth enjoys short stories by Alice Munro and F. Scott Fitzgerald and is absolutely crazy about poetry. She served as a publishing intern at Copper Canyon, a non-profit poetry press, in the summer of 2014 and fell even more in love with the genre. Her favorite poets include Dean Young, Deborah Landau, Marie Howe, Plath, Keats, and dozens more. She can be reached at emccormack@smith.edu.


Angela Acosta '17

Angela is a sophomore from Gainesville, Florida majoring in English and Spanish. She lives in Morris House and is a STRIDE student in the Poetry Center. She enjoys literature from a variety of time periods, especially contemporary science fiction and fantasy novels. She also writes poetry and loves to roller skate around campus and take bike rides on the nearby rail trails. Her favorite authors are Arthur C. Clarke and George Orwell and her favorite play is Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." She also loves to combine her interests of Spanish and English literature.

Please send her an email at aacosta@smith.edu if you have any questions about classes, scheduling, and how Spanish literature classes complement those offered in the English department.


Darwin Pappas-Fernandes '17

Darwin is a sophomore from Connecticut who is majoring in English. Some of her favorite authors include Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and George Eliot, as well as the poets William Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot. She loves to spend her time reading novels and either hunting down poetry or trying to write her own. The last thing she read that made her really feel something was the poem "Not Waving but Drowning" by Stevie Smith. She also enjoys drinking strong coffee, baking, and petting cats (as long as they're friendly). She is hoping to break into the world of book-editing and publishing after graduating, but for the time being is simply trying to slow down and focus on the small joys and trials involved in existing as a young adult.

Please send her an email at dpappasfernandes@smith.edu if you'd like to talk about the English Major, classes and professors— or just about anything really!