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Judith Cardell

Professor of Engineering

email Send E–mail office Office: Ford Hall 352 phone Phone: (413) 585-4222
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Judith Cardell

Judith Cardell is associate professor, with a joint appointment in the Picker Engineering Program and the Department of Computer Science. Her research interests lie in the analysis and design of electric power systems and energy markets. She is interested in integrating wind power, small-scale distributed generation and greater demand response into the power system, including analysis of the prospects for designing low-impact energy systems for less-developed as well as industrialized countries.

Cardell focuses on the control and integration of distributed and renewable energy technologies into the existing electric power system and future, market driven system. Such technologies include small hydro-electric plants; wind turbines; solar energy systems; fuel cells; and traditional gensets, and their interaction with the existing generation and transmission technologies. Cardell studies power system reliability and stability in response to both these new technologies and new, emerging energy markets.

Cardell received a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and a bachelor's degree in in government from Cornell University. While at Cornell, and continuing after graduation, she worked as a computer design engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Returning the graduate school, she received her masters and doctorate in technology management and policy through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For her doctoral work, she developed power system models to demonstrate a possible evolution of the electric power system toward a fully distributed system, as driven by both energy market structures and new, small-scale generating technologies.

Before coming to Smith, Cardell worked for the federal government and as a consultant to the power industry. She was involved in writing federal electricity policy that addressed many aspects of the deregulation of the electric power industry. Most recently she has provided expert testimony to the federal government analyzing the California energy crisis of 2000, and power system operations throughout the eastern United States.

Selected Publications

Cardell, J. B., Anderson, C. L., "The Effect of Wind and Demand Uncertainty on Electricity Prices and System Parameters," in Proceedings IEEE PES T&D, New Orleans, LA, April, 2010.

Cardell, J. B., Anderson, C. L., "Analysis of the System Costs of Wind Variability Through Monte Carlo Simulation," in Proceedings HICSS-43, January 2010.

Cardell, J. B., Anderson, C. L., "Simulating the System Costs of Wind Power Uncertainty," IEEE PES General Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, July 27, 2009.

Stahlhut, J. W., G, T. Heydt, and J. B. Cardell, "Power System 'Economic Alarms'," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 23, No. 2, May 2008, pages 426-433.

Anderson, C. L., Cardell, J. B., "Reducing the Variability of Wind Power Generation for Participation in Day Ahead Electricity Markets," in Proceedings HICSS-41, January 2008.

Selected Honors and Awards