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These policies have been established by the Events Management Office (EMO). Questions should be directed to the Events Management Office at (413) 585-2179. Use of space by external organizations is subject to fees, insurance requirements and other regulations as described below.

General Requirements

Space Requests

All external individuals or organizations wishing to reserve campus space must contact the events coordinator at (413) 585-2179.

Insurance Requirements

All external individuals and organizations using Smith College property must meet the college's insurance requirements. Smith College will not provide Comprehensive General liability (CGL) coverage as a rider to its policy for external individuals or organizations using college property. For additional information, contact the EMO events coordinator at (413) 585-2179.

Rental Fees and Associated Costs

External clients are assessed fees for space rental and services to support the event. Smith College offers reduced rates to organizations that furnish an IRS 501(C)(3) tax-exempt letter.


Reservations for external individuals and organizations remain tentative until the signed contract, the insurance certificate, and the deposit are received by the EMO events coordinator.

Summer Programs

Individuals and organizations interested in hosting residential or non-residential summer programs should contact the summer programs/events administrator at (413) 585-2892 or summer@smith.edu as soon as possible, preferably by February 1, to plan the program. Please contact the summer programs coordinator to discuss residential and dining needs, space requirements, fees, insurance, recreational activities and a tour of available facilities.

Botanic Gardens

Anyone wishing to use one of the gardens on campus for wedding photographs must contact the Events Management Office at (413) 585-2179 to request a reservation. Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) insurance is required. There are no rental fees; however, donations to support the Botanic Garden are encouraged.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (Public Law 101:336) requires that activities and events that are open to the public be conducted in such a way as to not discriminate against persons with disabilities. The types of activities and events that are covered by this law include theatre performances, concerts, lectures, sporting events, and exhibitions. The Events Management Office will assist in locating an accessible space. Organizers of events are responsible for contacting the Office of Disability Services at (413) 585-2071 for all special needs requests. Fees may apply.