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MED Class of 2012

"Theory is abstract and difficult to imagine in practice, but at Smith, the M.E.D. students work directly with deaf and hard of hearing students on a regular basis. You get to know the students well, and I was able to safely try new ideas and experience learning in a much more immediate way. My time at Smith was very reflective of what one will be exposed to as an itinerant teacher."

"As an itinerant teacher, you sometimes walk in to situations that you couldn't prepare for. At Smith, by working directly with deaf and hard of hearing students across several grade levels, I was able to learn—first hand—ways in which hearing loss can effect language and development."

"I looked into many programs before deciding to come to Smith, and this program has fully prepared me to become a teacher of the deaf. The classes are relevant, the assignments push you to understand the theory, and most importantly, the opportunity to work directly with such a diverse group of students with hearing loss is invaluable."