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Shannon Audley-Piotrowski

Assistant Professor

email Email office Morgan Hall phone (413) 585–3257
Shannon Audley-Piotrowski

Shannon Audley-Piotrowski ("A.P.") received a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Memphis in 2012, and, in a previous life, was a high-school science teacher.

She currently teaches Child and Adolescent Development, The Child in Modern Society and other child-development and science-methods related courses. Her research interests encompass the development of respect in children's peer relations and among teachers and their students, and the influence of culture on peer interactions.

Specific research projects include: "Respect is Hefty Package" : Children's Narratives of Respect in the Elementary School Classroom; Are Popular Kids Mean in China too? Differentiating Perceived and Sociometric Popularity in Chinese Elementary Students; and Preschool Children's Respect: Moral or Social Conventional Understanding?

Students are encouraged to contact Audley-Piotrowski if interested in conducting research as part of the Respecting Children and Teachers Lab.