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Actor-director Desiree Akhavan ’07 returns to alma mater
BOSTON GLOBE    02/26/2015
Desiree Akhavan, an actor-director best known for Appropriate Behavior, a 2014 film she wrote, directed, and starred in, was in Northampton this week to speak at Smith College, her alma mater. (It was her first visit since graduating in 2007.) Akhavan told the audience she tried to act at Smith, but didn’t have a lot of luck getting cast. “I couldn’t get cast in any Smith plays — not even as a male,” she said. “If you can’t get cast as a dude in a Smith College production of “Mother of Us All,” you should probably be thinking about other career options.”
Alumnae News
Marisa Tomei to play Gloria Steinem ’56 in HBO miniseries
TIME MAGAZINE    02/27/2015
The series, called Ms., will focus on the creation of Ms. magazine in 1971 and the feminist movement of the 1960s and ’70s, the Wrap reports. Steinem herself will consult on the project, which George Clooney is producing.
Faculty Expertise
Prof. Eric Reeves: I have been silenced
THE NEW YORK TIMES    02/25/2015
Following a recent cyberattack on his three Sudan-related websites, Smith Professor Eric Reeves writes, “Censorship and intimidation exercised from abroad, by a brutal, genocidal regime should be of deep concern to all Americans. I would hope the appropriate government officials take this event seriously. I may be among the most vulnerable, but I will not be the last such victim.”
Prof. Don Robinson: What freedom felt like for the enslaved
Smith Professor Emeritus Don Robinson reviews two books by Pioneer Valley authors that “make major contributions to our understanding of what it has meant to be black in America.”
Sports extravaganzas: Games that must stop
THE ECONOMIST    02/26/2015
“Major international sporting events must not become the preserve of autocrats,” proclaims The Economist. Drawing extensively on research from Smith Professor Andrew Zimbalist’s new book, Circus Maximus—and linking directly to a positive review—the magazine notes that “democratic governments and their pinched voters are realizing that although the public benefits of hosting these events are vague, the outlays—and losses—are high and rising.” (For a copy of the articles, email Marti Hobbes)

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Brennan: Here comes Rio's 2016 Olympics, sewage and all
USA TODAY  02/25/2015
Smith College professor Andrew Zimbalist, noted sports economist, calls Boston Olympic bid 'crazy'
Joe Nocera: Football’s L.A. trick play
THE NEW YORK TIMES    02/20/2015
The New York Times columnist Joe Nocera weighs in on the Chargers’ threats to move from San Diego to Los Angeles, quoting Smith Professor Andrew Zimbalist. “The academic literature says that there should be no expectation that a new arena will boost the local economy,” Zimbalist notes.

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With NFL teams shopping new stadiums, how can cities get the right deal?
NEXT CITY  02/25/2015
Why Beantown may want to throw this sports contest
MSNBC  02/26/2015
Smith in the Community
Video: Shakespeare in Greenwich
GREENWICH TIME    02/25/2015
Aspiring high school thespians and orators from around Connecticut came to tread the boards at the Cole Auditorium of Greenwich Library for the 31st annual Shakespeare Competition earlier this week. It was the largest field of entrants yet. The local event was co-sponsored by Friends of the Greenwich Library and the Smith College Club of Greenwich and Stamford.
Advancing nonprofit work on behalf of women
THE REPUBLICAN    02/25/2015
Smith’s activist-in-residence, Sara K. Gould, will speak next week at a Springfield, Mass., event designed to connect non-profit leaders working to improve women’s lives. Gould is the former CEO for the Ms. Foundation for Women.
Smith in the World
Emily Nagoski: Nothing is wrong with your sex drive
Emily Nagoski: Nothing is wrong with your sex drive    02/27/2015
Seven inspiring women
Annie Smith Peck, who taught at Smith in the late 19th century, was an American mountaineer, explorer and author. In 1895, she scaled the Matterhorn in Switzerland in what was then the controversial attire of pants, a tunic and boots. She kept going, climbing peaks throughout Mexico and South America, and publishing regular opinion pieces about the subject in The New York Times.
Student News
Dannia Guzman: 5 Ways to Be on Top of Your Game in College
HUFFINGTON POST    02/26/2015
In Memoriam
Obituary: Mary Seymour, 56
Smith alumna Mary Duffie Seymour ’80, of Greensboro, N.C., died in January after a 20-year battle with bipolar disorder. Seymour wrote and spoke extensively about her illness.
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‘Four Decades of Change': Panel honoring Martha Ackelsberg offers window on Smith history
A recent panel discussion in honor of retired professor Martha Ackelsberg explored efforts launched at Smith in the 1970s to make the campus a more inclusive place for women and people of color—including work that led to the creation of the women and gender studies program.
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