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Botanic Garden is highlight for Western Massachusetts visitors
ASSOCIATED PRESS    09/17/2014
The Smith College Botanic Garden is highlighted as one of the attractions available to people visiting Western Massachusetts.
Alumnae News
Mary M. VanDeWeghe ’81 appointed to B/E Aerospace board of directors
BUSINESS WIRE    09/15/2014
Smith alumna Mary M. (“Meg”) VanDeWeghe has been appointed to the board of directors of B/E Aerospace, a manufacturer of aircraft cabin products. VanDeWeghe is chief executive officer and president of Forte Consulting Inc., a financial and management consulting firm, and a professor of the practice of finance at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.
Alumna’s new gallery showcases work by emerging artists
Vicky A. Clark didn’t know Smith alumna Joy Borelli-Edwards ’78 until they met at a reception in February. Now they are partners in be2, a small gallery within Borelli-Edwards’ Galleries in Lawrenceville, Penn.
Faculty Expertise
Measuring students’ self-control: A ‘marshmallow test’ for the digital age
'MIND/SHIFT,' KQED RADIO    09/15/2014
The “marshmallow test” invented by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel and colleagues in the 1960s is famously known as a measure of willpower. Now other psychology researchers have come up with a test that challenges schoolkids’ will to resist the brain-candy of digital distractions. Smith psychologist Philip Peake, who has worked with Mischel on longitudinal follow-up of participants in the Stanford “delay of gratification” research, says both the old and new studies contribute to our understanding of the processes that underlie self-control. And both have the advantage of measuring how people actually behave, not just how they think they do.
Breaking report exposes Sudan’s hidden economic implosion
AFRICA NEWS    09/17/2014
Eric Reeves, professor of English language and literature at Smith, is the author of an in-depth report on the political implications of Sudan’s economic implosion.
Smith professor assesses NFL scandals for ‘Marketplace’
MARKETPLACE    09/17/2014
Despite recent scandals involving National Football League players, most NFL sponsors are staying put, observes Smith professor and sports economist Andrew Zimbalist on public radio’s “Marketplace.” “[Most sponsors are saying] ‘We’re good guys, don’t boycott us.’ And when the storm blows over, which I believe it will, then they’ll be back on board,” predicts Zimbalist.

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How scandals could change the business of football
PBS NEWSHOUR  09/17/2014
Smith in the Community
‘Paradise Found: A Walking and Biking Tour of Northampton Through Poetry and Art’
Paradise Found, a new book by three Pioneer Valley poets, gives voice to writers who once explored Northampton’s history or recorded their impressions of the town. The book includes journal entries by Smith alumna Sylvia Plath from her days in Northampton, both as a student and, briefly, as a teacher at Smith.
In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Harriet E. Shaw, 95
Harriet E. (Burdick) Shaw, a longtime employee of Smith’s dining services, died September 12.
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Piper Kerman ’92: Up close and personal
Piper Kerman ’92 will return to Smith on October 2 for an interview with critic Bethanne Patrick ’85, “the Book Maven.” Free tickets for students are going fast; proceeds from ticket sales to other attendees will benefit the Women’s Prison Association, a prison-reform organization that Kerman supports.
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