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‘New York Times’ Book Review: ‘The Fellowship’
New York Times Book Review    05/30/2015
The May 31 New York Times Book Review offers praise for The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings by Carol Zaleski, professor of world religions at Smith, and Philip Zaleski, research associate in religion. “This is a story about storytellers,” writes reviewer Genevieve Valentine, “and it shows.”
Faculty News
Prof. Daniel Elihu Kramer to take reins at Chester Theatre Company
The Republican    05/27/2015
Smith Theatre Department Chair Daniel Elihu Kramer has been named director of the Chester Theatre Company. Kramer, who has served as the group’s associate artistic director since 2012, will take over the producing artistic director’s post beginning in September.
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Why women’s colleges work    05/27/2015
Alumnae of women’s colleges say their undergraduate experience has been foundational to success in their lives and careers.
Alumnae News
Devin Alexander ’93 wants to help you stay fit at sea
Fox News    04/21/2015
Smith alumna Devin Alexander ’93 is the only female chef to have launched her own concept eatery on any cruise line.
The Jazz Age life of Henrietta Bingham ’25
Lambda Literary    05/28/2015
A lively look at the dazzling life of Henrietta Bingham, who attended Smith for three semesters in the 1920s, then became involved with both Freudian analysis and the Bloomsbury Group.
Meredith Wild: From tech CEO to romance novelist
CBS News Online    05/19/2015
Meredith Wilde graduated with a degree in English from Smith in 2004, but decided to pursue a more lucrative career developing software. Nearly a decade would pass before she’d write her first book, and now, with a sixth title on the way, Meredith Wild (no “e”) is being heralded among the hottest in adult fiction.
Faculty Expertise
Prof. Don Robinson: A citizen’s true calling
Daily Hampshire Gazette    05/28/2015
In this op-ed, Smith Professor Emeritus Don Robinson offers “a tale of American democracy at work on two extreme levels”—at Town Meeting in Ashfield, Mass., and in the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, D.C. [For a copy, email Marti Hobbes.]
Prof. Andrew Zimbalist on the FIFA scandal
Time Magazine    05/27/2015
In the wake of the FIFA scandal, media outlets from around the world turned to Andrew Zimbalist, Smith’s Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, for comment. Zimbalist told Time magazine that FIFA is an international monopoly with control over a very popular product. In 2014, a World Cup year, FIFA generated $2 billion in revenues. “If the power is in control of the wrong people,” Zimbalist said, “things get out of hand.”

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FIFA officials corrupted hosting decisions
CNBC  05/27/2015
Fifa scandal: Why the US is policing a global game
BBC  05/28/2015
FIFA’s powerful world is shaken by U.S. indictments, arrests
The Washington Post  05/27/2015
Smith in the Community
Prof. Tom Riddell: Burial grounds must be respected
Daily Hampshire Gazette    05/23/2015
Tom Riddell, professor emeritus of economics at Smith, notes that at least 200—and perhaps as many as 600—former Northampton State Hospital patients are buried at “Cemetery Hill” in Northampton. “A number of Smith College students have been working on a project to increase public awareness of the existence and significance of the burial ground,” he writes. “That kind of respect for this land should guide plans for its future use.”
On Campus
Restoring the Grécourt Gates
Daily Hampshire Gazette    05/28/2015
A $1.5 million project is underway at to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility at West and Elm streets, and to refurbish the college’s historic Grécourt Gates. [For a copy of the Gazette article, email Marti Hobbes. You may also want to read the Smith College news release.]
In Memoriam
Obituary: Helen Kohen ’53
Miami Herald     05/27/2015
Smith alumna Helen Kohen, an influential figure on the Miami arts scene, died May 26 in Miami Beach.
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International Women’s Day lectures, a book about the connection between mathematics and cooking and an award for architectural design are among the recent accomplishments of Smith students, faculty and alumnae. Read about them in the Grécourt Gate‘s latest People News column.
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