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Carrying on the legacy of Smith and the English Channel
THE REPUBLICAN    08/26/2014
Paige Christie ’15 on Sunday became the sixth Smith student to successfully swim the English Channel, continuing a proud legacy begun in 1984 by Margaret Broenniman ’85 and Maura Fitzpatrick ’85. Because of bad weather, Christie’s swim was delayed 12 days, ultimately occurring on the 139th anniversary of the first successful channel crossing. Smith swim coach Kim Bierwert said Christie’s accomplishment is remarkable. “There are so many who try to swim the channel and don’t succeed,” he said. “It takes a special kind of mental strength.”
Alumnae News
Dr. Shirley Zussman ’34 offers a century of insight on sex and intimacy
THE DAILY MAIL, U.K.    08/25/2014
Smith alumna Shirley Zussman ’34, who just celebrated her 100th birthday, continues to make headlines while providing frank and insightful commentary about women, men and intimacy. The sex therapist says the issues she counsels people about today really aren’t very different from the issues she saw when she began her practice several decades ago.  
A debut novel from Yasmeen Premji ’69
REDIFF NEWS    08/27/2014
Smith alumna Yasmeen Premji, author of Days of Gold & Sepia, talks to Rediff News about writing her debut novel, a project that came to her 20 years ago. “I realised I didn’t have to wait for a spectacular event or a character to emerge. All stories of ordinary people, of your family, are extraordinary,” she said.  
Faculty Expertise
Smith prof Donna Robinson Divine: Alliance to fight ISIS is bad idea
POLITIX    08/25/2014
In an op-ed about a proposed U.S.-Syria alliance to fight the terrorist group ISIS, Smith professor Donna Robinson Divine writes, “The thinking of policymakers and pundits has been drawn so tightly around the notion of fighting ISIS that it has neglected the other serious dangers in a region that is exploding on many different fronts.” Divine is Morningstar Professor Emerita of Jewish Studies and Professor Emerita of Government at Smith.
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‘Build great relationships:’ One alumna’s advice for thriving at Smith
While starting college can feel daunting, Glendean Hamilton ’13 says Smith offers good support. Hamilton shared her advice about thriving at college during an August 23 conversation with participants in this year’s Bridge Pre-Orientation program.
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