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East Asian Studies

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Check the Smith College Course Catalogue for current offerings, times and locations.

Approved Courses in the Humanities, Spring 2015

ANT 342 Traditional Chinese Medicine

ARH 224 Pictorial Arts of East Asia 

EAL/CLT 232 Modern Chinese Literature

EAL 240 Japanese Language and Culture

EAS 275 Colloquium: Visual Culture and the Chinese Cultural Revolution

EAS 276 Colloquium: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art 

Approved Courses in the Social Sciences, Spring 2015

EAS 200 Colloquium: Topics in East Asian Studies
The Difficult Female

EAS 210 Colloquium: Culture and Diplomacy in Asia

EAS 219 Modern Korean History

GOV 230 Government and Politics of China

GOV 344 Seminar on Foreign Policy of the Chinese People's Republic
China’s Post-Mao Reform: Domestic and International Implications

GOV 251 Foreign Policy of Japan

HST 212 China in Transformation, A.D., 750-1900

HST 219 Race, Religion and Nation in East Asia

HST 214 (C) Aspects of Chinese History
The World of Thought in China