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East Asian Studies

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Fall 2013 Approved Courses

Approved Courses in the Humanities

ARH 101 Buddhist Art
ARH 120 Introduction to Art History: Asia
ARH 221 The Art of East Asia
ARH 222 The Art of China
ARH 224 The Art of Japan
ARH 275 Studies in Asian Art. Topic: Chinese Painting
EAL 231 The Culture of the Lyric in Traditional China
EAL 232 Modern Chinese Literature
EAL 236 Modernity: East and West
EAL 237 Chinese Poetry and the Other Arts
EAL 238 Literature From Taiwan
EAL/CLT 239 Contemporary Chinese Women's Fiction
EAL 240 Japanese Language and Culture
EAL 241 Literature and Culture in Premodern Japan
EAL 242 Modern Japanese Literature
EAL 243 Japanese Poetry in Cultural Context
EAL 244 Construction of Gender in Modern Japanese Women's Writing
EAL 245 Writing, Japan and Otherness
EAL 248 The Tale of the Genji and The Pillow Book
EAL 261 Major Themes in Literature: East-West Perspectives (topics course)
EAL 360 Seminar: Topics in East Asian Languages and Literatures (topics course)
EAS 214 Korean Film and Culture
EAS 218 Thought and Art in China
EAS 270 Colloquium in East Asian Studies. Topic: Art of Korea
EAS 279 Colloquium: The Art and Culture of Tibet
FYS 123 From Edo to Tokyo: Images of Japan's Modern Capital
REL 265 Colloquium in East Asian Religions: Chinese Religions
REL 270 Sites and Sights: A Pilgrim's Guide to Pre-Modern Japanese Buddhism
REL 360 Seminar: Zen in China and Japan
Approved Courses in the Social Sciences
ANT 200 Topics in Anthropology: Humans and Nature in China
ANT 251 Women and Modernity in East Asia
ANT 252 The City and the Countryside in China
ANT 253 Introduction to East Asian Societies and Cultures
ANT 342 Seminar: Topics in Anthropology
EAS 100 Introduction to Modern East Asia
EAS 200 Colloquium: Topics in East Asian Studies
EAS 210 Colloquium: Culture and Diplomacy in Asia
EAS 215 Pre-Modern Korean History: Public Stories and Private Lives
EAS 216 Urban Modernity in Colonized Korea
EAS 217 Colloquium: Korean Popular Culture: Translating Tradition into Pop Culture
EAS 219 Modern Korean History
EAS 220 Environment and Society in Contemporary China
EAS 270 Colloquium in East Asian Studies. Topic: Travel and the Historical Imagination in Korea
EAS 375 Seminar: Dimensions in Japan-United States Relations
EAS/GOV 228 The Government and Politics of Japan
GOV 230 The Government and Politics of China
GOV 251 Foreign Policy of Japan
GOV 344 Seminar on Foreign Policy of the Chinese People's Republic
GOV 348 Seminar in International Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in Asia
HST 101 Geisha, Wise Mothers, and Working Women
HST 211 The Emergence of China
HST 212 China in Transformation, A.D. 750–1900
HST 214 Aspects of Chinese History. Topic: The World of Thought in Early China
HST 215 The Decline and Fall of the Chinese Empire
HST 216 Women in Chinese History
HST 217 World War Two in East Asia: History and Memory
HST 218 Thought and Art in China
HST 220 Colloquium: Japan to 1600
HST 221 The Rise of Modern Japan
HST 222 Aspects of Japanese History
HST 223 Women and Gender in Japanese History. Topic: Gendering Modern Japanese History
PRS 327 Legends of the Fall (and Rise): Japan & Germany as Visions of the Future