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Check the Smith College Course Catalogue for current offerings, times and locations.

spring 2016 eas approved courses

EAS 210 Colloquium: Culture and Diplomacy in Asia 
Dennis Yasutomo T Th 3-4:20pm 

EAS 216 Colloquium: Gangnam Style: Seoul and Its Layered Histories 
Ellie Choi T Th 1-2:20pm

EAS 217 Modernity and Contested Traditions in Korea 
Ellie Choi T Th 3-4:20pm

EAS 270 Colloquium in East Asian Studies 
Topics course. 
Topic: The Art of Chinese and Japanese Gardens 
Daniel Greenberg M W 7:30-9:00pm

Approved Cross-Listed Courses in the Humanities

ARH 224 Art of Japan (L) 
Daniel Greenberg M W 2:40-4pm

EAL 234 Self and Society in Chinese Fiction and Drama 
Jessica Moyer T Th 10:30-11:50am

EAL 235 Class, Gender and Material Culture in Late Imperial China 
Jessica Moyer T Th 1:10-2:30pm

EAL 240 Japanese Language and Culture 
Maki Hubbard M W 2:40-4pm

EAL 244 Japanese Women’s Writing 
Kimberly Kono T Th 10:30-11:50am

EAL 281 Colloquium: Revising the Past in Chinese Literature and Film 
Sujane Wu M W 1:10-2:30pm

EAL 291 Writing Empire: Images of Colonial Japan 
Kimberly Kono T Th 3-4:20pm

REL 270 Sites and Sights: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Pre-Modern Japanese Buddhism 
Jamie Hubbard M W 2:40-4pm

REL 360 Seminar: Problems in Buddhist Thought 
Topic: Enlightenment 
Jamie Hubbard Th 3-4:50pm

Approved Cross-Listed Courses in the Social Sciences

GOV 230 Government and Politics of China

Steven Goldstein T Th 1-2:50pm

GOV 251 Foreign Policy of Japan 
Dennis Yasutomo M W 2:40-4pm

HST 212 China in Transformation, A.D. 750-1900
Daniel K. Gardner M W 1:10-2:30pm

HST 217 (L) World War Two in East Asia: History and Memory 
Marnie Anderson M W F 11a-12:10pm