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The Major

Advisers: Maki Hubbard, Kimberly Kono, Yuri Kumagai, Atsuko Takahashi, and Sujane Wu


The first year of Chinese (CHI 110 and 111) or Japanese (JPN 110 and 111) is a prerequisite for admission to the major. A language placement test is required prior to registration for students who have previously studied the language.


Students are expected to concentrate in China or Japan and take a total of 11 courses (46 credits), distributed as follows:



Transferring Credit

Of the 11 required courses, no more than five normally shall be taken in other institutions, such as Five Colleges, Junior Year Abroad programs or summer programs. Students should consult their advisers before taking such courses. S/U grading options are not allowed for courses counting toward the major. Native speakers of a language are encouraged to take another East Asian language.