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Nicholas Albertson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese

email Send E-mail office Office: Dewey Hall 306 phone Phone: 585-3738

Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4pm, Thursday 12-1pm, or by appointment

Nicholas Albertson comes to Smith from the University of Chicago, where he recently completed a Ph.D. in Japanese literature. His research into Romantic poetry of the Meiji period (1868-1912) examines mystifications of the poet’s access to “nature,” fissures between realistic and intertextual landscapes where wandering subjects get lost and then found, and ironic supernatural symbolism that invokes transgression in order to celebrate it.

Nick’s interest in Japanese language and culture goes back to the semester his family spent in Kyoto when he was 12 years old. A Northampton native, he took first-year Japanese at Smith. He went on to major in East Asian Studies at Brown University, returning to Kyoto for a junior year abroad. Before entering graduate school, Nick taught English in elementary and middle schools in the city of Morioka in northeastern Honshu. More recently, he spent a year as a Fulbright-Hays scholar doing research at Tohoku University in Sendai.

In Chicago, Nick taught courses on Heian-era (794-1185) noblewomen’s diaries, twentieth-century Japanese novels, and concepts of nature in Japanese literature, along with survey courses in Japanese history and literature. He also served as a writing intern for first-year college students. Nick’s translations of poems by Doi Bansui have been published in Inventory (2010, 2012) and Transference (2013).

Fall 2013 Courses:

Japanese I (JPN 110)

Modern Japanese Poetry (EAL 246)

Spring 2014 Courses:

Japanese I (JPN 111)

Natural and Unnatural Disasters in Modern Japanese Literature and Film (EAL 249)