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Course Offerings

All EAL courses are taught in English unless otherwise noted. Please check the Smith College Course Catalog for current course offerings.

Please see Current Offerings for current and upcoming course offerings.

EAL 131 Writing and Power in China

EAL 231 The Culture of the Lyric in Traditional China

EAL 232 Modern Chinese Literature

EAL 233 Chinese Travel Writing

EAL 234 Self and Society in Chinese Fiction and Drama

EAL 235 Class, Gender, and Material Culture in Late Imperial China

EAL 236 Modernity: East and West

EAL 237 Chinese Poetry and the Other Arts

EAL 238 Literature From Taiwan

EAL 239 Contemporary Chinese Women's Fiction

EAL 240 Japanese Language and Culture

EAL 241 Literature and Culture in Premodern Japan: Court Ladies, Wandering Monks, and Urban Rakes

EAL 242 Modern Japanese Literature

EAL 243 Japanese Poetry in Cultural Context

EAL 244 Constructions of Gender in Modern Japanese Women's Writing

EAL 245 Writing, Japan and Otherness

EAL 246 Modern Japanese Poetry

EAL 247 Gender and Sexuality in Japan: Literature, Film, Anime, Manga

EAL 249, Natural and Unnatural Disasters in Modern Japanese Literature and Film

EAL 260 Health and Illness: Literary Explorations

EAL 261 Major Themes in Literature: East-West Perspectives (topic course)

EAL 271 Crafting the Self in Japan

EAL 281 Revising the Past in Chinese Literature and Film (previousy PRS 316)

EAL 360 Seminar: Topics in East Asian Languages and Literatures


EAL 400 Special Studies

Language Courses


CHI 110-111 Chinese I

CHI 220-221 Chinese II

CHI 301 Chinese III

CHI 302 Chinese III (a continuation of 301)

CHI 350 Advanced Readings in Chinese: Modern Literary Texts

CHI 351 Advanced Readings in Chinese: Modern Literary Texts


JPN 110-111 Japanese I

JPN 220-221 Japanese II

JPN 301 Japanese III

JPN 302 Japanese III (a continuation of 301)

JPN 350 Contemporary Texts

JPN 351 Contemporary Texts II


KOR 101-102 Korean I

KOR 201-202 Korean II

KOR 301 Korean III

KOR 302 Korean III (a continuation of 301)