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Academic Honor Board
Administrative Board
Board of Admission
Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA)
Committee on Athletics
Campus Planning Committee (CPC)
College Council on Community Policy (CCCP)
Smith College Compliance Committee
Diversity Council
Emeriti Advisory Committee
Board of Faculty Counselors
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Institutional Chemical Hygiene Committee
Institutional Review Board
Kahn Institute Advisory Committee
Kennedy Professorship Committee
Marshals Committee
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Advisory Committee
Neilson Professorship Committee
Otelia Cromwell Day Committee
Board of Pre-Health Advisers
Radiation Safety Committee
Retirement Investment Committee
Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning
Committee on Study Abroad
Committee on Sustainability
Academic Honor Board
Ellina Nektalova '14, Chair
Nicole Mauri '14
Charlye Barfield '15, Secretary
Laura Wolfe '15
Karen Chau '16
Elizabeth Gillespie 'AC
Chris Aiken, Div I (2015)
Dennis Yasutomo, Div II (2014)
Mary Murphy, Div III (2014)
Maureen Mahoney, Dean of the College, ex officio
Administrative Board
Maureen A. Mahoney, Dean of the College, Chaor
Margaret Bruzelius, Dean of the Senior Class, Juniors 1-Z and Associate Dean of the College
Erika Laquer, Dean of the Sophomore Class, Juniors A-H, and Ada Comstock Scholars
Patricia O'Neil, Registrar
Jane Stangl, Dean of the First-Year Class
Justina Gregory, Classical Languages & Literatures, Div I (2014)
Patrick Coby, Government, Div II (2014)
Nessy Tania, Mathematics & Statistics, Div III (2015)
Board of Admission
Audrey Y. Smith, Vice President for Enrollment, Chair
Debra D. Shaver, Dean of Admission
Jane Stangl, Dean of the First-Year Class
Daphne Lamothe, Afro-American Studies, Div I (2016)
Roger Kaufman, Economics, Div II (2014)
Benita Jackson, Psychology, Div III (2015)
Rumbidzai Vushe, '14
Maureen Mahoney, Dean of the College, ex-officio
Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA)
Kathy McCartney, President, Chair
Joanne Benkley, Staff Council (2014)
Ruth Constantine, Vice President for Finance and Administration
David DeSwert, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning
David Gregory, Chief Information Officer (2014)
Gussie Gronquist '14, SGA President
Maureen Mahoney, Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life
Joseph O'Rourke, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development
Marilyn R. Schuster, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Jennifer Walters, Dean of Religious Life (2015)
Richard Fantasia, Faculty Council (2014)
Nicholas Howe, Faculty Council (2016))
Alexandra Keller, Faculty Council(2014)
Richard Millington, Faculty Council (2015)
Roisin O'Sullivan, Faculty Council (2015)
Committee on Athletics
Kate Queeney, Chair and Faculty Representative (2014)
Patrick Coby (2014)
Vera Shevzov (2014)
Byron Zamboanga (2014)
Jonathan Hirsh (2015)
Lynn Oberbillig, Director of Athletics
Bonnie May, Assistant Director of Athletics
Lynn Hersey, Coach Representative
Betty Bracken, President, Athletic Association
Katie Lipow, Student Representative of Club Sports
Grace Maliska, President, Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Lauren Hitton, Student Observer, non-voting
Jim Johnson, Chair, Exercise and Sports Studies, non-voting
Leslie Jaffe, Director of Health Services, non-voting
Julianne Ohotnicky, Dean of Students, non-voting
Campus Planning Committee (CPC)
Ruth Constantine, Vice President for Finance and Administration (chair)
Kathy McCartney, President
John Eue, Senior Director of Publications and Communications
David Gregory, Vice President for Information Technology
Barbara Kellum, Art (Fall 2013)
John Davis, Art (Spring 2014)
Ann Leone, French Studies
James Lowenthal, Astronomy
Maureen Mahoney, Dean of the College & Vice President for Student Life
Deirdre Manning, Director of Sustainability
Michael Marcotrigiano, Director, Botanic Garden
Linda Muehlig, Associate Director, Smith College Museum of Art
Joseph O'Rourke, Associate Provost & Dean for Academic Development
Laura Rauscher, Director, Disability Services
Marilyn Schuster, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
John Shenette, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
College Council on Community Policy (CCCP)
Irene Rodriguez Martin, Director of Graduate Enrollment & Continuing Education, School for Social Work (2014)
Brent Durbin, Government (2014)
Vera Shevzov, Religion (2014)
Susan Stratton Sayre, Economics (2016)
Fraser Stables, Art (2016)
Administrative Support & Service Staff
Ashavan Doyon, Student Affairs, (2016)
Halley Offner, Development (2016)
Sherry Wingfield, International Study (2014)
Donna Safford, Admission (2014)
Carla Cooke, Center Community Collaboration (2015)
Beth Bone, Controller's Office (2016)
Lisa Nawrocki, Facilities Management (2016)
Marilyn Schuster, Provost/Dean of the Faculty, ex-officio (non-voting) (Danielle Ramdath, designee)
Stacie Hagenbaugh, Director of the Lazarus Center for Career Development, chair
Kathleen McCartney, President, ex-officio (non-voting)
Laurie Fenlason, Vice President for Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, ex-officio
Maureen A. Mahoney, Dean of the College, ex-officio (Margaret Bruzelius, designee)
Pamela Nolan Young, Director of Institutional Diversity & Equity, ex-officio
Ralph J. Gould, Chief of Police
Laura Smiarowski, Controller, ex-officio
Samuel A. Masinter, Director of College Relations, ex-officio
Elise Smith '16 (student representative)
Dalia Mehiar '14 (student representative)
Augusta Gronquist '14 (SGA Cabinet)
Jennifer Pekol AC (SGA Cabinet)
Elizabeth Gillespie AC (Ada Cabinet)
Smith College Alumnae Association
Barbara Williams, (Appointed by the Director of the Alumnae Association)
City of Northampton
Pamela Schwartz, City Councilor (Ward 4)
Paul Spector, City Councilor (Ward 2)
Smith College Compliance Committee
Beth Carmichael, Five College Risk Management (chair)
Ruth Constantine, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Kevin Kerwood, Human Resources
Margaret Rakas, Clark Science Center
Ben Marsden, Information Technology Services
Julie Ohotnicky, Dean of Students
Joseph O'Rourke, Associate Provost & Dean for Academic Development
Laura Smiarowski, Controller
Cristina Suarez, Chemistry
Diversity Council
Pamela Nolan Young, Director, Institutional Diversity (Chair)
Kathy McCartney, President of the College
Kim Alston, Religious & Spiritual Life
Riché J. Daniel Barnes, Afro-American Studies
Dawn Fulton, French Studies
Serena Harris, Human Resources
Laura Katz, Biological Sciences
Yoosun Park, School for Social Work
Arielle Petrovich '14
Laura Rauscher, Director, Disability Services
L'Tanya Richmond, Director, Multicultural Affairs
Lilith Siegel '14
Nancy Chen '15
Yenisleidy Simon 'AC
Andrea Stone, English Language & Literature
Hrayr Tamzarian, Associate Dean of International Studies
Jennifer Walters, Dean of Religious & Spiritual Life
SGA Diversity Committee Chair
Additional student and faculty member to be determined
Emeriti Advisory Committee

Mark Aldrich, Professor Emeritus, Government

Lâle Burk, Senior Lecturer Emerita, Chemistry
Betsey Harries, Professor Emerita, English Language & Literature
Thomas Rohlich, Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Tom Riddell, Professor Emeritus, Economics
Board of Faculty Counselors
John Brady, Geosciences (2016)
Patrick Coby, Government (2015)
Laura Katz, Biology (2016)
Bill Peterson, Psychology (2015)
Vera Shevzov, Religion (2014)
Elizabeth Spelman, Philosophy (2014)
Charles Staelin, Economics (2014)
Michael Thurston, English Language & Literature (2016)
Susan Van Dyne, Study of Women and Gender (2014)
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Jeffry Ramsey, Philosophy (Chair)
Suzanne K. Gottschang, Anthropology
Mary Harrington, Neuroscience
Nancy Lewis Owen, VMD
Rochelle Pleet
Beth Powell, Psychology
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Christine White-Ziegler, Department of Biological Sciences, Chair
Adam Hall, Department of Biological Sciences
Steven Williams, Department of Biological Sciences
Margaret Rakas, Clark Science Center, Biosafety Officer
Nancy Kiernan-Campbell, MPH, SM (ASCP), Community Member
Valerie Steinberg, Ph.D., Community Member
Institutional Chemical Hygiene Committee
Margaret Lamb (Administrative Director, Clark Science Center)
Margaret Rakas (Chemical Hygiene Officer)
Robert Merritt (representing Bio/BioChem)
Dwight Pogue (representing Art/Theatre)
Amy Rhodes (Geosciences)
Kevin Shea (ICHC Chair, representing Chemistry) 
Paul Voss (Engineering)
Terry Buckhout, CSP, of Meadowbrook TPA Associates (Community member)
Valerie Steinberg, Ph.D. (Community member)
Institutional Review Board
Katherine Halvorsen, Mathematics & Statistics
Leslie Jaffe, Health Services
Albert Mosley, Philosophy
Amy Olson, Clinical and Support Options, Inc.
Nnamdi Pole, Psychology, Chair
Alan Rudnitsky, Education & Child Study
Beth Ward, Hampshire College
Jill de Villiers, Psychology & Philosophy (alternate)
Maryjane Wraga, Psychology (alternate)
Kahn Institute Advisory Committee
Rosetta Marantz Cohen, Chair, American Studies and Education & Child Study
Judith Cardell, Engineering (2015)
Susan Etheredge, Education & Child Study (2016)
Bosiljka Glumac, Geosciences (2016)
Nicholas Horton, Statistics, Five College Member (2015)
Christopher Loring, Director of Libraries, ex-officio
Donald Robinson, Government, emeritus (2014)
Vera Shevzov, Religion (2016)
Kennedy Professorship Committee
Martin Antonetti, Mortimer Rare Book Room (2016)
Ibtissam Bouachrine, Spanish & Portuguese (2015)
Patrick Coby, Government (2015)
Ann R. Jones, Comparative Literature (on leave 2013-2014)
Naomi Miller, English Language & Literature (2015)
John Moore, Art, Chair (206)
Alfonso Procaccini, Italian Language and Literature (2015)
Hélène Visentin, French Studies (2015)
Marshals Committee
Joseph McVeigh, German Studies (on leave 2013-2014)
Pau Atela, Mathematics & Statistics
Karen Smith Emerson, Music
Janice Gatty, Education & Child Study
Andrew Guswa, Engineering (for Inauguration)
Nicholas Howe, Computer Science
Elizabeth Jamieson, Chemistry
Laura Katz, Biological Sciences
William Oram, English Language & Literature
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Advisory Committee
Randall Bartlett, Economics
Floyd Cheung, English Language & Literature
Dawn Fulton, French Studies
Nnamdi Pole, Psychology
Kevin Quashie, Afro-American Studies
Daryl Gehman, Asst Dir, Lazarus Career Development Center
Naomi Miller, English, ex officio

L'Tanya Richmond, Director, Multicultural Affairs

Marilyn Schuster, Provost & Dean of the Faculty, ex officio
Pamela Nolan Young, MMUF Coordinator, ex officio
Neilson Professorship Committee
Donald Joralemon, Anthropology, Chair (2016)
Rosetta Cohen, Director, Kahn Institute, ex-officio
Rob Dorit, Biological Sciences (2016)
Lauren Duncan, Psychology (2016)
Cornelia Pearsall, English Language & Literature (2015)
Vera Shevzov, Religion (2014)
Steve Waksman, Music (2015)
Otelia Cromwell Day Committee 
Pamela Nolan Young, Director, Institutional Diversity & Equity
Kim Alston, Religious and Spiritual Life
Nancy Chen, '15
Paula Giddings, Afro-American Studies
Eric Hamako, OIDE Program Coordinator
Kate Lee, Information Technology Services
Sophie Nathan, '14
L'Tanya Richmond, Multicultural Affairs
Kathy San Antonio, College Relations/Events Management
Jennifer Walters, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life
Eric Weld, College Relations
Louise Wilson, Afro-American Studies
Cameah Wood, '15
Nanci Young, College Archivist
Board of Pre-Health Advisers
Lâle Burk, Physics
Nalini Easwar, Physics
Daryl Gehman, Lazarus Center for Career Development
David Gorin, Chemistry
Adam Hall, Biological Sciences
Kathryn Lipp, Director of Prehealth Advising
Beth Powell, Psychology
Kevin Shea, Chemistry, Chair
Christine White-Ziegler, Biological Sciences
Radiation Safety Committee
Elizabeth Jamieson, Chemistry, Chair
John Brady, Geosciences
Margaret Rakas, Radiation Safety Officer/Laser Safety Officer
Stylianos Scordilis, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Neuroscience
Doreen Weinberger, Physics
Retirement Investment Committee
Ruth Constantine, Chair (2014)
David DeSwert (2014)
Larry Hunt (2014)
Kevin Kerwood (2014)
Charles Staelin (2014)
Joseph O'Rourke, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development
Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee
Kevin Shea, Chemistry and Director of the Sherrerd Center
Floyd Cheung, English and American Studies (2015)
Patricia DiBartolo, Psychology (2014)
Judith Gordon, Music (2015)
Susannah Howe, Engineering (2014)
Elizabeth Klarich, Anthropology (2014)
Beth Powell, Psychology (2015)
Al Rudnitsky, Education and Child Study (2015)
Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages and Literatures (2015)
Committee on Study Abroad
Joseph O'Rourke, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development, Chair, non-voting, ex-officio
Rebecca Hovey, Dean for International Study, ex-officio
David DeSwert, Associate Vice-President Financial Planning, non-voting, ex-officio
Giovanna Bellesia, Committee on Academic Priorities Representative, ex-officio
Malcom McNee, Spanish & Portuguese (2016)
Eglal Doss-Quinby, French Studies (2015)
Bosiljka Glumac, Geology (2015)
Dominique Thiebaut, Computer Science (2014)

Maki Hubbard, East Asian Languages and Literatures (2015)

Committee on Sustainability
Judy Cardell (chair, fall)
John Brady (chair, spring)
Joanne Benkley, Assistant Director, CEEDS
Ann Finley, Area Manager, Dining Services
Andrew Guswa, Engineering, Director, CEEDS
Gary Hartwell, Facilities Management
Lou Ann Krawczynski, Director, Development Resources
Mehemmed Mack, French Studies
Deirdre Manning, Director, Office of Sustainability
Sharon Seelig, English Language and Literature
Emily Barbour '14, student representative

Alison Grady '15, student representative (spring)

Julia Graham '16, student representative

Alexandria Julius '14, student representative
Katie Paulson-Smith '14, student representative (fall)

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