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The Wurtele Center for Work & Life Student Advisory Board will help you develop your leadership skills by . .

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Current Student Advisory Board members

Nora Turriago '16

From Amherst, Massachusetts, Nora Turriago is a Smith sophomore studying history and government. At Smith, Nora is a Gold Key tour guide, a writer for The Sophian and a circulation assistant at Neilson Library. She is a contributing writer for Thought Catalog, and her writing as also appeared in The Feminist Wire and The Daily Hampshire Gazette. This summer she intered at Women's Voices Worldwide, a non-profit that teaches women how to become stronger speakers. She enjoys reading, travel and creative innovative dance moves.

Melissa Fares '14

After growing up in Wilton, Connecticut, Melissa Fares made her way to Smith College via Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She recently spent her summer at News 12 Connecticut as an interning journalist and did some political advocacy work for Democratic Party candidate in the 2012 US Senate election in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. Melissa is the creator of the blog Womankind, and is the Opinions Editor of The Sophian. Her writing has appeared in The Dallas News, FindLaw, FinerMinds, India Times, and more. She plans to pursue her interests in psychology, journalism and power-napping.

Jackie Lam '14

Jackie Lam is an English Literature major from Long Island, New York. She is a First Group Scholar and a STRIDE scholar who has worked as a research assistant to Professors Floyd Cheung and Andrea Hairston. Jackie is the secretary for the Southeast Asian Alliance at Smith, a student organization that advocates for political, social, and cultural issues in Southeast Asia. Her hobbies include dancing, swimming, photography, and travel. Jackie also enjoys learning foreign languages and is proficient in Spanish, French and German. In the future she is considering a possible career in publishing. She would like to one day learn ballroom dancing and archery, and be part of a flash mob.

Cornelia Beckett '14

Cornelia Beckett is a English and French Studies double major from Silver Spring, Maryland. She is also involved in the Sophian, Homework House and VOX. She's been a nanny, a law clerk, a clinic defender and a counselor at Girls Rock! DC. Her writing has appeared in Hoax Zine, Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists, The Washington Post, thefbomb.org and more. Cornelia's passions include confessional nonfiction, Anusara yoga, French feminism and vintage recipes. Her dream job is getting paid to write while also teaching and empowering girls and women, preferably in an East Coast city.

ShuMing Huang '15

ShuMing Huang was born and raised in Guang Dong, China. She came to United States with her family in 2007. She is a sophomore with strong interests in biology and chemistry. She joined the Student Advisory Board because she is interested in developing workshops to help first-year students in their transition to college, such as maintaining relationships with families while away from home and building communication skills with professors and roommates. ShuMing also enjoys photography and crafting on her free time.

Dannia Guzman '15

Dannia Guzman is an adventurous New Yorker born in the Dominican Republic. She is a sophomore who has chosen to change from engineering to a yet unknown major. This semester is an exciting opportunity for her to reconcile her passion for leadership and women’s empowerment with her academic strengths. It is this love for leadership and education that led her to being a counselor at a Girl Scout camp in Alaska during this past summer. Through her work as a Q-Tutor at the Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning and as a board member at the Wurtele Center for Work & Life, Dannia uses her talents and passion to better the Smith community. Some of her hobbies include scrapbooking, hiking, reading, and walking in the rain. Among other things, she aspires to learn a third language, play the piano, and travel to every continent and US State.

Danielle McColgan '14

Danielle McColgan is a sophomore transfer student who made it to Smith by way of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After spending one year in Philadelphia trying out a slew of majors, she found her calling and tentatively made plans to major in History with an emphasis on Women's History. She is also highly passionate about all aspects of education, from teaching to education policy reform. She has been an assistant teacher to home schooled children through a Co-Op program, offered SAT tutoring to high school students, will be starting an America Reads tutoring position in Northampton, and served on the Executive Board of her prior institution's education reform group, Project E.D.U. Danielle does not dream of one narrow career path, but instead hopes to explore a variety of fields including but not limited to non-profit work, research science, publishing, journalism, and education.

past student advisory board members

2012 - 2013

Emma Brown '13
Yenisleidy Simon AC '13

2011 - 2012

Bridget Mientka AC
Alice Huang '15

2010 - 2011

Yasmine Evans '13
Kenzi Green '13J
Roth Empire '12
Phoebe Camilletti '11
Chloe Williams '11
Ariel Gregory '11