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Comparative literature courses are taught by a diverse faculty, drawn from all the language and literature departments at Smith. In addition to the modern European languages, we work in Sanskrit, classical and modern Chinese and Japanese, ancient Greek and Old Norse, Swahili, Urdu and Basque.

Our interests include Greco-Roman sexuality, medieval epic, Renaissance gender ideologies, the European Enlightenment, philosophies of modernity, deconstruction and postcolonial theory, film and opera, postmodern architecture, the politics of language and the histories of mysticism, printing and landscape.


Maria Banerjee
Professor of Russian Language and Literature

Anna Botta
Professor of Italian Language and Literature and of Comparative Literature

Nancy Bradbury
Professor of English Language and Literature

Margaret Bruzelius
Lecturer in Comparative Literature

Justin Cammy
Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Comparative Literature

Craig R. Davis
Professor of English Language and Literature

Dawn Fulton
Associate Professor of French Studies

Gertraud Gutzmann
Professor Emerita of German Studies

Ambreen Hai
Associate Professor of English Language and Literature

Elizabeth Harries
Helen and Laura Shedd Professor Emerita of Modern Languages

Ann R. Jones
Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor of Comparative Literature

Sabina Knight 桑稟華
Director of Comparative Literature

Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature

Jocelyn Kolb
Professor of German Studies

Reyes Lázaro
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Malcolm McNee
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Katwiwa Mule
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Thalia Pandiri
Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature

Carolyn Shread

Janie Vanpée
Professor of French Studies