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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers many questions that students regularly ask, but not all! If you need to know something, or cannot figure out how to do something, or are lost, puzzled and confused, ask your dean.

Requests for exceptions to the academic rules and procedures are sent to the Administrative Board.

Special Questions for Ada Comstock Scholars and Transfer Students

What do I do if I think I should have more credit than appears on my evaluation of transfer credit letter?

Speak to the registrar. It can be difficult to know what some course titles mean and the registrar may wish to see a more detailed course description or a syllabus before awarding credit.

Can I stay at Smith for an extra semester?

No. As a transfer you are awarded a certain number of semesters in which to complete your Smith degree. You will need to plan to complete your degree in the time awarded.

If you need help in planning how to make up your credit you should speak to your adviser and your class dean.

However, it is never a good idea to load up on credit in your first semester as a Smith student whether you are a first year or a transfer student. You need to acclimate yourself to the pace of Smith academics – you can add credits later.

What happens if the Administrative Board requires me to withdraw?

A student who is required to withdraw for one or more semesters can normally apply for readmission in the semester indicated in her withdrawal letter. She applies for readmission through the registrar's office, with the Request for Readmission Form.

A student who wishes to spend more time away from campus may certainly do so.