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Macleish Field Station

Environmental Monitoring

To support research in the environmental sciences and to improve quantitative literacy among all students at Smith College, the Center supports an environmental monitoring program. Quantitative data on the environments around Smith are made available to faculty and students for use in courses and projects. Currently, most of these efforts are based at the MacLeish Field Station, and we see opportunities to grow this program to include Smith's campus and other areas.

Environmental monitoring at the Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station currently comprises measurement of meteorological variables and vegetation. Continuous measurements from atop an eighty-foot tower include atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind speed and direction. These data are complemented by precipitation recorded by a heated tipping-bucket rain gauge at ground level. Additionally, three 20 x 50 m (0.1 ha) permanent vegetation plots were established in hemlock-dominated forests in 2009, and micrometeorological stations were added to these plots during the summer of 2010. Shorter-term monitoring efforts have included snow sampling, geochemical surveys of streamwater, and assessing the differences in throughfall chemistry and volume between deciduous and hemlock forest stands.

Environmental Monitoring Data

Current meteorological conditions at the Ada and Archibald Macleish Field Station:

Environmental data, collected from Paradise Pond and MacLeish Field Station, are available to faculty and students:

Paradise Pond data logger

For specific questions regarding Environmental Monitoring data, please contact Paul Wetzel, at (413) 585-2646.

MacLeish Field Station Data

Please review the data information sheet for the year relevant to the data you are looking at.


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