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This calendar lists each week's notable events with a focus on sustainability and its economic, social and environmental components. To get your event added, contact Joanne Benkley, assistant director, CEEDS. To have information about your event or activity sent to all campus email accounts, submit it to eDigest.

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May 26- Jun 1

June 2-8

June 9-15

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Events Off Campus

Fix The Leaks meeting
June 2, 2016
Florence Ania Camargo of Mothers Out Front and HEETMA will speak about community gas leaks from her experience organizing in Boston. Her information is startling and important for public discussion. In 2014, for the first time, natural gas distributors in Massachusetts were required by law to report leaks from their pipes. That information became public and was applied by a group in Boston, the Home Energy Efficiency Team or HEETMA, to google maps and posted on the internet (below) so that communities across the state could learn whether their neighborhoods and towns had unrepaired leaks spewing methane and other toxic chemicals. This was important information because leaking gas has direct health effects on those exposed, is a risk for explosion, kills trees, and is a highly potent global warming gas. Finally, the leaked gas is being paid for not by the distributors who are aware of but not repairing the leaks, but by us, the natural gas consumers and rate payers who, unbeknownst to most, are having it added to our bills. The estimated annual cost to MA citizens is approximately $122 million.
basement of the Unitarian Society of Northampton
7:30 pm

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