Irene Rodriguez Martin, Associate Dean, School for Social Work

Fraser Stables, Art (2016) (Sabbatical AY ’15)

Susan Stratton Sayre, Economics (2016)

Lucy Mule, Education and Child Study (2015)

Nathan Derr, Biology (2017)

Ibtissam Bouachrine, Spanish & Portuguese (2017)

Christen Mucher, American Studies (2017)


Carla Cooke, Center Community Collaboration (2015)

Ashavan Doyon, Student Affairs (2016)

Halley Ofner, Development (2016)

Beth Bone, Controller’s Office (2016)

Lisa Nawrocki, Facilities Management (2016)

Michael Ireland, Student Financial Services (2017)


Katherine Rowe, Provost/Dean of the Faculty, ex-officio (non-voting)

Danielle Ramdath, provost’s designee; co-chair

Kathleen McCartney, President, ex-officio (non-voting)

Laurie Fenlason, Vice President for Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, ex-officio

Donna Lisker, Dean of the College, ex-officio

Margaret Bruzelius, Dean of the College designee; co-chair

Dwight K. Hamilton, Chief Diversity Officer, ex-officio

Ralph J. Gould, Jr., Chief of Police (Scott Graham serves as the chief’s designee)

Laura Smiarowski, Controller, ex-officio

Samuel A. Masinter, Director of College Relations, ex-officio


Colgan Powell ’17 (SGA Cabinet)

Molly Grover ’15 (SGA Cabinet)

Martha Miller AC (Ada Cabinet)

Jesse Kline ’15 (House President Representative)

Mary Inge ’16 (student representative)

Julia Collins ’17 (student representative)

Jade Huguenot AC (student representative)

Marianna Januario ’17 (Vendor Code of Conduct)

Smith College Alumnae Association

Barbara Williams (Appointed by the Director of the Alumnae Association)

City of Northampton

Gina Louise Sciarra, City Councilor (Ward 4)

Paul Spector, City Councilor (Ward 2)