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The Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) is committed to supporting faculty who integrate community partnerships in their teaching as community-based learning or in their research as community-based participatory research. The CCC also encourages and promotes the diverse ways that the Smith staff and faculty become involved in other community partnerships. The Community Engagement and Social Change (CESC) Concentration has been developed by faculty in collaboration with the CCC.


The CCC invites proposals from Smith faculty to support the revision of existing courses or the implementation of new courses to incorporate community-based learning (CBL) pedagogy. CBL pedagogy integrates community-based activities into the curriculum to both enhance learning and meet community goals. Community projects range from direct service to mutually beneficial research.

CCC staff members are available to consult with faculty about course ideas, best practices in CBL pedagogy, community partnerships and the broad possibilities for engaging the CCC's resources in their teaching.

The CCC has funds to support costs associated with CBL courses, including but not limited to field trips, guest speaker honoraria, meeting costs, and materials for learning/research activities and reports.


Submit applications in July for courses taught in fall semester and in November for courses taught in the spring semester, using the form below.

Application - CBL/CBR Support

JCCC Transportation Request

(use Chrome to best access these online forms)

Contact Us

The CCC supports faculty and staff by helping them make connections with community partners, supporting student placements and more. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your teaching and research.