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The Community Service Office (CSO) supports student engagement in meaningful community service work and leadership training that:

A comprehensive community service program focusing on long- and short-term community placements, CSO provides a training program to teach students the fundamentals of operating a small, nonprofit organization, focusing on two main themes: building bridges among diverse groups of people where there may have been barriers formerly and encouraging learning through service so that students will develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders in their communities.

Working within the framework of CSO enables students to gain insight into the complex social problems that face our world. Feel free to call for an appointment and no matter what your interests or future career plans, CSO can find the volunteer opportunity just right for you.


"The leadership of the Smith students who have been my point people has been impressive, and I know that it is no small feat to keep a group of students engaged and coming on a regular basis, even when they are facing deadlines and exams."

–Kerry Homstead, Treehouse Community Facilitator