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Community-Based Learning Courses

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Community-based learning (CBL) courses integrate significant community partnerships to meet actual community goals and advance academic learning. CBL courses at Smith span disciplines, topics and community partnerships as near as Northampton, and as far as India.

The Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) is committed to working with communities in partnerships for shared learning and growth. It is an organizational hub where faculty, students and community members will find support to facilitate their efforts to collaborate. The CCC supports faculty and students in teaching and learning that are engaged and reciprocal with the community.

Apply for Support

The CCC invites proposals from Smith faculty to support the revision of existing courses or the implementation of new courses to incorporate CBL pedagogy.

CBL Courses Offered at Smith College and the Five Colleges

For up-to-date information on the CBL courses offered at all five colleges, consult current course catalogues and refer to https://www.fivecolleges.edu/cbl/courses.

The following list is comprised of CBL courses that have been offered at Smith College in the past several years. Please refer to the current Smith course catalogue to determine whether a particular course is being offered in a given semester; courses marked with * were offered in Spring 2015.

Subject Course Number Course Title Instructor
ANT 230 Africa: Population and Environment Elliot Fratkin
ARS 281 Studio: Landscape and Narrative Reid Bertone-Johnson
ARS/LSS 389 Broad-scale Design and Planning Studio Reid Bertone-Johnson
BIO/GEO *180Y Biogeochemical Cycling in the Avery Brook Watershed Robert Merritt/Robert Newton
CCX *120 Community-Based Learning: Ethics and Practice Lucy Mule
CCX *320 Capstone Seminar for the CESC Concentration Hye-Kyung Kang
CCX *400 Special Studies instructors vary depending on topic
DAN 267 Dance in the Community Marilyn Sylla
EAL 400 Special Studies: Language in Motion Sujane Wu
EDC 200 Education in the City Samuel Intrator
EDC 210 Literacy in Cross-Cultural Perspective Lucy Mule
EDC 211 Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners Renata Pienkawa
EDC *231 foundations and Issues of Early Childhood Education Susan Etheredge
EDC 232 The American Middle School and High School Carole Berner
EDC 336 Seminar in American Education Samuel Intrator
EDC 338 Children Learning to Read Susan Etheredge
EDC *342 Growing Up American: Adolescents and Their Educational Institutions Samuel Intrator/Carol Berner
EDC 343 Multicultural Education Lucy Mule
EDC 347 Individual Differences Among Learners Kathleen Casale
EGR *410D Engineering Design and Professional Practice Susannah Howe
EGR *422D Engineering Design Capstone Susannah Howe/Charles Gooding
EGR 205 Science, Technology, and Ethics Donna Riley
ENV *201 Environmental Integration II: Collecting and Analyzing Information Camille Washington-Ottumbre/Ninian Stein
ENV *312 Environmental Integration IV: Sustainable Solutions Ninian Stein/L. David Smith
ENV 320 Environmental Justice Ninian Stein
ENX 301 Environmental Concentration Capstone: Sustainable Food Paul Wetzel
FYS 121 The Evolution and Transformation of the Northampton State Hospital Tom Riddell
GEO 309 Groundwater Geology Robert Newton
GES 301 Jerusalem Justin Cammy/Ibtissam Bouachrine
GES 302 Costa Rica at a Crossroads: Examination of Globalization and Sustainability Gary Lehring/Amy Rhodes
GES 303 Greek History and Archaeology in their Geological Context Scott Bradbury/John Brady
GES 304 Federico Garcia Lorca, Hidden and Revealed: An Itinerary of Life Maria Estela Harretche/Ellen Kaplan
GES 305 The Gender Politics of Participatory Democracy and Development Katwiwa Mule/Lucy Mule
GES 306 India in Transition: Contrast, Complexity, Creativitiy Nalini Bhushan/Charles Staelin
GOV 217 Colloquium: The Politics of Wealth and Poverty in the U.S. Martha Ackelsberg
IDP 320 Seminar on Global Learning: Women's Health of Tibetan Refugees In India Leslie Jaffe
LSS 200 Socialized Landscapes: Private Squalor and Public Affluence Nina Antonetti
LSS 220 Activism by Design Nina Antonetti
LSS 255 Art and Ecology Reid Bertone-Johnson/Carolina Aragon
LSS 300 Rethinking Landscape Reid Bertone-Johnson
MTH 400 Special Studies Katherine Halvorsen/Jim Henle
PRS 312 Weaker Vessels: Women and Violence Inside and Out Ellen Kaplan
PSY 400 Special Studies instructors vary
SOC 214 Sociology of Hispanic Caribbean Communities in the United States Ginetta Candelario
SOC 308 Practicum in Community Based Research Ginetta Candelario
SPN 372 Women, Environmental Justice and Social Action Michelle Joffroy
SWG 230 Feminism and the Fate of the Planet Elisabeth Armstrong
SWG 238 Women, Money, and Transnational Social Movements Elisabeth Armstrong
SWG 400 Special Studies instructors vary
THE 362 Masters and Movements:Theatre and Social Change Ellen Kaplan


Contact Us

The CCC supports faculty and staff in many ways, helping to make connections with community partners, supporting student placements and more. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your teaching and research.