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Virginia Hayssen


email Send E–mail office Office: Sabin-Reed Hall 236 phone Phone: 585–3856

Virginia Hayssen earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Research Interests

Pleiotropy of the agouti coat-color locus: examination of the multiple effects a single genetic locus, in this case a gene which influences coat color, can have on the biology of the animal.

Evolution of Reproduction across Mammals: examination of how litter size, gestation length, neonatal length, lactation length are influenced by the physical characteristics of an animal as well as by its ancestry and its habitat and diet.

Women in Science: examination of gender differences in career trajectories of individual who teach or have taught at Smith College. Divisional patterns, departmental differences and changes over time also alter the length of time men and women have occupied particular ranks at the college.

Representative Publications

Hayssen, V. 2008. "Reproductive effort in squirrels: ecological, phylogenetic, allometric, and latitudinal patterns," Journal of Mammalogy 89(3): 582-606.

Hayssen, V. 2008. "Reproduction within marmotine ground-squirrels (Sciuridae, Xerinae, Marmotini): patterns among genera." Journal of Mammalogy 89(3): 607–16.

Hayssen, V. 2008. "Patterns of body and tail length and body mass in Sciuridae," Journal of Mammalogy 89(4):852–73.

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Hayssen, V., J. M. Harper, and R. DeFina. 2002. "Fecal corticosteroids in agouti and nonagouti deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A. Molecular and Integrative Physiology 132: 439–46.

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