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Shannon Compton


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Shannon Compton

Shannon L. Compton earned her Ph.D. from Auburn University.

I am interested in the role of Dexras1 in the development of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer initiation. Of particular interest is elucidating signaling pathways in order to identify novel molecular treatment targets. My recent research interests have centered on Parkinson's disease and the effect of Dexras1 dysfunction in PD development. In brief, Dexras1 is a stress-induced regulatory protein. It is also associated with nNOS-mediated apoptosis, iron homeostasis, circadian rhythms, retinal neuropathy, motor neuron function, and dopaminergic neuron signaling.

My previous research has involved neuroendocrine function, cancer genetics, and mitochondrial dysfunction as it relates to cancer.

Representative Publications

de Soysa, T., Urlich, A., Friedrich, T., Pite, D., Compton, S.L., Ok, D., Bernardos, R.L., Downes, G.B., Hsieh, S., Kesich, L.R., Barresi, M.J.F. (2012). Macondo crude oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disrupts specific developmental processes during zebrafish embryogenesis. BMC Biology; 10:40.

Compton, S.L., Kim, C., Potluri, P., Scheffler, I.E., Jerry, D.J., Schneider, S., Yadava, N. (2011). Mitochondrial dysfunction impairs tumor suppressor p53 expression/function. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286:20297

Compton, S.L., Kemppainen, R.J., and Behrend, E.N. (2009). Prenylated Rab acceptor domain family member 1 is involved in stimulated ACTH secretion and inhibition. Cellular Signaling; 21:1901

Compton, S.L. and Behrend, E.N. (2006). Prenylated Rab acceptor 1: a Golgi complex transmembrane protein that interacts with viruses. Biochemistry and Cell Biology; 84:940.

Compton, S.L., Behrend, E.N., and Kemppainen, R.J. (2006). Functional analysis of prenylated Rab acceptor 1 and its effect on ACTH secretion. Biochemistry and Cell Biology; 84:1068.

Behrend, E.N., Compton, S.L., and Kemppainen, R.J. (2003). Characterization of Dexras1/AGS1 interactors including PRA1. Molecular Cell Biology; 14:232.