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At Smith, we make the study of astronomy a vibrant and exciting one. We work with students to research how stars form in the Milky Way galaxy and how galaxies form in the distant, early universe. We collect data with some of the world's largest telescopes, including some in space, such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope. On the ground, we use the Keck Telescopes and the Infrared Telescope Facility at Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii and the telescopes of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Arizona. Come join us in our study of what makes the universe so fascinating.

Suzan Edwards
Professor of Astronomy

James Lowenthal
Associate Professor of Astronomy

Meg Lysaght Thacher
Laboratory Instructor of Astronomy

Five College Astronomy Faculty

M. Darby Dyar
Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor of Astronomy, Mount Holyoke College

Caleb Fassett
Five College Fellow in Astronomy, Visiting Professor of Astronomy, Mount Holyoke College

Salman Arshad Hameed
Associate Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities, Hampshire College

Houjun Mo
Professor, University of Massachusetts

Alexandra Pope
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

F. Peter Schloerb
Director of Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Massachusetts

Stephen E. Schneider
Professor, University of Massachusetts

Ronald Snell
Professor, University of Massachusetts

Grant Wilson
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts

Min Yun
Professor, University of Massachusetts