Curator‘s Comments

Although I do not want to believe or follow the old ways which involved these spirits, I feel that we should reveal the things which exist and should perpetuate the stories which are told about them. These beliefs and the stories should not be lost and our own children, who know nothing of hunger or starvation, should be informed of the way their ancestors lived.

—Tivi Etook, 1976


Born in 1928 in a small village on the east coast of Ungava Bay, Tivi Etook preserves the stories and spiritual customs of his people, as is the case in this print titledA Story about Ekeagualuk. According to this story, many hunters in a village had gone missing, until only an old man and his sons were left. One son was out hunting, when a voice from the water warned him that he was in danger. In this print, the son flees from a threatening sea spirit as it attempts to grab his canoe. The helpful voice is present in the form of a frog underneath his boat. Below the image is the fable, written in the Inuit language. 

A Story about Ekeagualuk

Tivi Etook. Inuit, born 1928

A Story about Ekeagualuk, 1974

Stonecut on white paper

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Houston (Alice Watson, class of 1959)

ID Number: SC 1979:35-15