Curator‘s Comments

Artist Jiha Moon describes herself as a “cartographer of cultures.” She says of her work, “I try to visually express the complex relationships between the East and West, between nature and technology, and between the mental and physical worlds. The narrative motifs of these mindscapes come from my background as a Korean and through my cultural experience in the United States.” Moon is interested in both conceptual and stylistic opposites and borrows her imagery from a variety of sources, both Eastern and Western, which she recombines to create her own fictional universe. She cites the invented worlds of the Northern Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch as an influence. Eastern scroll paintings are also an influence; however, unlike traditionally monochromatic Asian ink paintings, Moon’s works are painted with a florid palette, borrowed in part from popular culture.

Comfort Zone (from the Fabulous Fiction series)

Jiha Moon. Born South Korea; lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, Born 1973

Comfort Zone (from the Fabulous Fiction series), 2007

Ink and acrylic on hanji paper over canvas

Purchased with the Art Acquisition Fund

ID Number: SC 2008:55