Curator‘s Comments

Yong Soon Min’s large installation Movement was originally commissioned by the Asia Society, New York, in 2001. In the original version of Movement, the artist used LPs, with labels based on images photographed from pan-Asian record covers, and clock mechanisms set against a large mirrored background. For Min’s re-envisioning of the installation for SCMA, the existing LPs were supplemented with Asian music CDs (actually, DVDs imprinted with images of music CD and record covers). The mirrored panels were replaced by small, round mirrors and DVDs mounted to show their reflective sides. In reconfiguring the installation, the artist decided to create a “wave” pattern as a reference to the Asian Wave phenomenon in popular culture and the arts. The “wave” also formally references Hokusai’s iconic woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa from Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, published in 1832. Min reversed the motion of the waves in the print to break from right to left.


Yong Soon Min. Born South Korea; lives and works in Los Angeles, 1953

Movement, 2008

Mixed media, including CDs (DVDs), LPs, and small mirrors

Variable size

Purchased through the initiative of the Korean American Students of Smith (KASS) and the Korean Arts Foundation (KAF) with the gifts of alumnae and other donors

ID Number: SC 2008:38