Curator‘s Comments

Mishima Kimiyo’s Sunkist Lemon Box was shown in Touch Fire: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Japanese Women Artists (2009), a groundbreaking exhibition organized by the Museum and drawn from the private collection of a pioneer collector of Japanese ceramics in the West. The show featured the exciting work of several generations of women ceramic artists following World War II, who departed from the centuries-old tradition of tea wares in Japan to create new and exciting forms. Sunkist Lemon Box was one of a number of works from the collection subsequently given to the Museum. This sculpture, which recalls Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes, is a technical tour-de-force in clay, which the artist gathered from scrap heaps and tile factories. The trompe-l’oeil components of the work—the “cardboard” box containing individual “newspaper” sheets—are all made from stoneware. Excerpts from actual editions of the Nikkei Daily Newspaper are silkscreened onto thin sheets of clay, which the artist crumpled to look like discarded sheets of newsprint as her comment on the wastefulness of society. 

Sunkist Lemon Box

Mishima Kimiyo. Japanese, born 1932

Sunkist Lemon Box, 1970s

Stoneware with silkscreened printing

Anonymous gift of a member of the Smith class of 1965

ID Number: SC 2009: 28-11