Curator‘s Comments

The Yoruba conical crown (adenla) is the symbol of the sacred authority of a king, or oba. The crown is placed on the head of the oba by either a senior wife or a palace servant who stands behind the king. The crown is an orisa (personal deity), and the salutation with which an oba is addressed is “Kabiyesi! Oba alaase ekeji orisa” (Your highness! The power of the oba is like [or next to] that of the gods). This crown was made for Oba Edun, who reigned in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. It was later repaired in the twentieth century.

Oba’s Crown (adenla)

Unknown artist. Yoruba peoples, Nigerian

Oba’s Crown (adenla), 19th-20th century

Glass beads, plant fiber, cotton

Purchased with the Director’s Discretionary Fund

ID Number: SC 2002:7a,b,c