Cycladic Woman,

Curator‘s Comments

Joan J. Earley-Wilcox, Smith class of 1992

As an Ada Comstock Scholar in 1989 I was a Philosophy Major.  I took the Art History survey course and discovered this marvelous piece of sculpture and was so captivated by it I made Art History my minor.  I have gone on to obtain my Doctor of Arts, with Classics as my Major and Philosophy my Minor. My Doctoral Dissertation pertained to identifying a figure on the Parthenon Frieze by name!  All because of the Cycladic Figure of a Woman.

Cycladic Woman

Unknown artist.


Gift of Dr. Aron and Toby Cole Krich in memory of Ely Chinoy, class of 1975, Mary Higgins Gamble Professor of Sociology and Anthropology.

ID Number: SC 1975:41