Curator‘s Comments

This small devotional was made in the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia at a time when European missionaries and artists had begun to influence the art of this African nation. St. George, who is dressed in brightly patterned robes and is spearing the dragon, dominates the left panel. The inscription below the saint’s horse identifies a previous owner: “This painting/icon belongs to Gebre Hiywet son of Welde Alef.” Behind St. George, at the left, stands the venerated hermit Gäbrä Mänfäs Qeddus. At the right is a warrior with a shield who represents St. George’s faithful servant, Seqrates (or Seqras). On the right panel, below the Virgin and Child, are three Ethiopian saints: Abib, Takla Haymanot, and Ewostatewos.

Unknown Artist. Ethiopian (Gondar), late 17th century

Diptych with St. George, Gäbrä Mänfäs Qeddus, and Seqrates (left); Virgin and Child, Archangels, and Three Saints (right), n.d.

Tempera on wood


ID Number: SC 2003:16