Curator‘s Comments

Hank Gilpin's profound respect for—and love of—the nature and beauty of wood is evident in all of his furniture. For this project, he chose white oak for its attractiveness, durability, and character. It is the very nature of the wood—what he calls “plankiness” (its innate simple elegance)—that he finds so appealing. As he has written, “The swirls, curls, and whorls all offer delight to the eye. Who isn’ttempted by the ring-porous oaks and elms, with their tales of rapid growth, ...hard-year rings and dynamic face grain?”

Hank Gilpin. American, Born 1946

Bench, 2003

Curly white oak

20 x 13 7/8 x 97 1/8 inches

Gift of Eliot Chace Nolen, class of 1954