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Online Exhibition Tour 

Take a tour of the exhibition as presented at the Kelsey Museum of Archeology (University of Michigan)


K–12 Curriculum from Project Archaeology: Investigating a Roman Villa

Investigating a Roman villa using archaeological methods can help us understand the Roman people and their culture. Pompeii and the nearby villas at Oplontis offer a glimpse into daily life in the ancient Roman world.


Grades K–5

(Click to download Oplontis K-5 Curriculum )

Grades 6–12

(Click to download Oplontis 6-12 Curriculum )


Project Archaeology is an educational organization dedicated to teaching scientific and historical inquiry, cultural understanding, and the importance of protecting our nation’s rich cultural resources. It is a joint program of Montana State University and the Bureau of Land Management. These curriculum guides were produced in association with the Museum of the Rockies, the second venue for this exhibition.