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Teacher Events in December 2016

Visual Thinking Strategies Beginner Practicum

  • Friday, December 9, 2016 – Saturday, December 10, 2016
  • Smith College Museum of Art
  • 9–4 pm
  • The two-day Practicum is focused on developing VTS facilitation skills. This is a beginning level training for people who have had little or no experience with VTS. While some time is allotted to examining theoretical underpinnings of VTS, the focus is helping participants learn to do VTS well.

    This Practicum is an introduction to VTS and the research and theory on which it is based. Participants will observe, analyze and practice VTS with coaching, continuously reflecting on the relationship of theory to practice. During the workshop, we will examine Abigail Housen’s Theory of Aesthetic Development and how VTS evolved from it. There will be practical work in the galleries, teaching with critique and thinking through image choices. Throughout, ample time will be provided for discussion and reflection. This VTS Practicum will be led by VTS Director Amy Chase Gulden.

    Cost: $435

    Please register through the VTS website:


    Have questions or need help? Call 718-302-0232 or email

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