Terms of Use for Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA) Educator Account

Acceptance of Terms
By accessing and/or using the Educator section of the SCMA Web site as an “Authorized User” (as defined below), you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Additionally, “Authorized Users” adhere to general Copyright and Usage Information outlined on the SCMA Web site’s “Rights and Usage” page; the SCMA may change these Terms of Use, or any aspect of this Web site, at any time.

Authorized Users
“Authorized Users” are persons who have obtained login names and passwords for either “Educator” or "Press" level access. Access is granted by relevant staff persons in the Education Department of  SCMA. You may not sublicense or authorize access to the SCMA Educator to anyone who has not obtained approval for access by the SCMA.

All text, images, and data on the SCMA Web site are protected by copyright. Copyright and other proprietary rights may be held by individuals or entities other than, or in addition to, the Museum.  Images and text reproduced or distributed in accordance with the Permitted Uses (outlined below) must remain unaltered. When reproducing images, all accompanying caption information must be included without alteration. When reproducing text or images, you should cite the source as you would any printed work.

Permitted Uses
Authorized Educators may access, use, display, reproduce and distribute the content of the Educator section of the Web site, provided they abide by the copyright restrictions outlined above, for the following purposes only: (a) classroom instruction and related classroom activities; (b) non-commercial promotion of SCMA exhibitions and/or programs as in print, television, radio, and the Internet. Promotional use permissions are granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Museum’s PR and Marketing Department.

Images from temporary (loaned) exhibitions or programs within the Educator section of the Web site have been approved for use during the time period of the run of the temporary exhibition or program. Images featured on Web sites (other than SCMA’s) must be removed immediately after the conclusion of those temporary exhibitions or programs at SCMA. Images from temporary exhibitions or programs found on pages of the SCMA Web site outside of the Educator section are not covered by “Permitted Uses.”

Prohibited Uses
All other forms of publication or use outside of the “Permitted Uses” are expressly prohibited (without prior written permission from SCMA). You may not make any use, display, performance, reproduction, or distribution of Web site content that exceeds or violates these Terms of Use. You may not incorporate Web site content into print or electronic materials that are for purchase or are disseminated for commercial purposes (such as by a scholarly or commercial press). Web site content may not be incorporated into an unrestricted database or website, or made available to unauthorized users (electronically or otherwise) except as permitted herein.

SCMA gathers personal information for the Educator account for its Web site. This information is used to verify the identities and affiliations of applicants, and to track usage of the site. SCMA may use the information you provided for a variety of purposes among the various internal departments of the Museum but will not share your information with any other organization, except with the consent of the subject of the data, or as required by law or regulation.

The SCMA site does not use cookies unless a visitor logs in to access content for which registration is required. A cookie is used to temporarily identify logged-in visitors, but no personal information is stored in the cookie itself.

Usage Guidelines for SCMA Educator Account

Commercial Uses
Unauthorized use of database content is strictly prohibited. Contact the Museum, and the staff will make every effort to process your request quickly and advise you of any fees or use requirements.

Examples of commercial use include, but are not limited to: any product or service for sale or for which fees are charged, directly or indirectly; a Web site or publication containing advertisements; commercial tour group materials; and promotional materials for any individual or organization.

Authorized Users
To find out if you are eligible to become an authorized user, please visit our registration page.