Tag writer: Jasmina Chuck ‘11

Ceres, are they building a ship for you?
You are not lost or forgotten
your wood is too strong for that
With your chest high, your eyes sky bound true
No new coat of paint could do justice after the elements’ touch
Who needs legs when you can glide
One foot is all one needs to push off rocky earth with wings of surf and wind
But you lead no more
The sickle in your hand was not enough to protect you
Who cut you down?
You, goddess of harvest, cut grain down and they worship you, cut you down
Can you feel the earth rotate in the absence of the sea?
In the gallery, now your stagnant journey
Are you ready for our voyage?
I say ours because I hope you will take me with you
You cannot see but to your left, is a painting on the museum wall
By Homer?
In it they build you a ship. Shards on a beach waiting for your grace and direction
Homer builds you a ship
Homer helped man love the sea
When I was young my father said he worked on a ship, he helped it float and hover
He was building a ship for you and never knew it
I remember his hands that day because as a child I thought that shipbuilding was impossible with just those two hands
I know better now but I will tell you he alone built you a ship
I only love you because I love my father so much

Image Information: Unknown. Ceres, ca. 1925 - 1830. Pine with traces of gesso and paint.71 3/4 x 24 1/2 x 25 1/2 in.Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Massachusetts. Purchased


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