Under the Horse Chestnut Tree

Tag writer: Ann Musser, Assc. Dir. for Academic Programs & Public Education, SCMA

Ordinary extraordinary. How is it that Shakespeare never wrote the sonnet to this love? My heart soars. My heart aches. Our love is utterly pedestrian, but unique in all the world.  And the world around disappears into planes of color. I kiss your chubby fist. Each moment brings a thousand wordless communications that pass so freely between us. Memorize your face, and count each eyelash. Strangers notice your milky smell, but you and I are so we that I can only discern its absence. Every day alters you subtly and profoundly.  If only I could stay in the ongoing present moment of you becoming you, forever. The Colorado River etched the Grand Canyon; what mysterious inexorable forces are shaping you? We giggle and I’m on a sublime precipice; you immerse me in the fleeting instant and blue watery eternity.

Image Information: Mary Cassatt, American (1844–1926). Under the Horse Chestnut Tree, 1895. Drypoint and aquatint printed in blue, green, yellow, brown and flesh on paper. Sheet: 18 13/16 x 14 3/8 in.; 47.7838 x 36.5125 cm; plate: 16 1/8 x 11 3/8 in.; 40.9575 x 28.8925 cm. Bequest of Helen Haase


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