Boon Companions

Tag writer: Kevin Quashie, Study of Women and Gender and Afro-American Studies, Smith College

“An Impossible Reflection”

I will not remember this fall evening of play, the red strip of cloth securing my enthusiastic body. I will not remember what he said, or what we ate before or after; I might not even remember the toy in his hand that is such fascination. I will only remember how sweet he was, how present, how much he was giant in my world and still capable of being just my size. I will remember his interest in me, his embracement. His delight. I will remember this, always.

Image Information: James Wells Champney, American (1843–1903). Boon Companions, 1879. Oil on canvas. 17 1/4 x 21 1/4 in.; 43.815 x 53.975 cm. Purchased with the Winthrop Hillyer Fund. 


James Wells Champney

"an Impossible reflection"

I found a copy of this painting in a 1900 home I bought. It states is is
from Smith College, Museum of art. Can you tell me its significance?

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