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Prizes & Awards

Students compete for these prizes by submitting application materials. Prize winners are announced at the Ivy Day Awards Convocation in May. Submission deadlines for individual prizes are posted early in the spring semester.

Megan Hart Jones Studio Art Prize

2013-14 Recipient: Susan Charlotte Carter '15

Megan Hart Jones Studio Art Prize, established in 1987 by family and friends in memory of Megan Hart Jones ’88. The award is made annually to an undergraduate for a judged work in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic arts or architecture.

How to Apply: Students interested should submit and display their work in Oresman Gallery, Hillyer Hall, Monday, April 6 and Tuesday April 7. Work Should be labeled with student name, class, and contact information.

Phyllis Williams Lehmann Travel Award

2013-14 Recipients: Ashton Fancy '14, Margaret Kean '14 & Sarah Seligman '14

Phyllis Williams Lehmann Travel Award, established in 1979 by friends and former students of Professor Lehmann. The prize is to be awarded to a senior (or seniors) majoring in the history of art, with preference given to students interested in pursuing the study of art history, especially classical art, at the graduate level.

How to Apply: Students wishing to apply should submit to the Department of Art Office, Hillyer Hall, by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 10, a transcript and a written proposal describing the travel plans and budget for which the grant is to be used.

Elizabeth Killian Roberts Prize

2013-14 Recipient: Susan Carter '15

Elizabeth Killian Roberts Prize, established in 1990 by family and friends in memory of Elizabeth Killian Roberts ’45. The award is made to an undergraduate for the best drawing as judged by the art department.

How to Apply: Students interested should submit and display their work on the second floor hallway of Hillyer Hall, by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 17. Work should be labeled with student name, class, and contact information on the back.

Enid Silver Winslow ’54 Prize in Art History

2013-14 Recipients: Hope Fried '14

Enid Silver Winslow ’54 Prize in Art History, awarded annually for the best student paper written in an art history course taught at Smith.

How to Apply: Students may submit one clean copy of a paper to Department of Art office, Hillyer Hall. The name of the student should be typed on the cover sheet only. Submissions are due by 4 p.m., Friday, April 17.

Alice Williams Carson Endowed Summer Internship at the Toledo Museum of Art

2013-14 Recipient: Jennifer Guerin '14 & Jiete Li '15

The Toledo Museum of Art and Smith College offer a summer internship for qualified Smith students interested in exploring a career in art museums. The Alice Williams Carson (Smith '34) Endowed Internship for this year will be a curatorial internship dedicated to one major project. This is a fabulous opportunity to work with an outstanding museum collection and an exemplary organization.

How to Apply: Send a copy of your resume to Barbara Kellum, Department of Art, by Friday, April 17.

Elizabeth Schroder Hoxie '69 Memorial Fund Internship Grant

2013-14 Recipient: Thalia Berard '15 & Elise Parisian '16

Elizabeth Schroder Hoxie '69 Memorial fund can help provide financial support for students in the Department of Art undertaking an internship.

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying, please prepare a 1-2 page statement in which you describe arrangements, what you hope to accomplish through your internship, how it relates to you academic interests and goals, and a brief schedule and budget. Please include the names of two faculty members we might contact for references. Applications should be submitted to the Department of Art, Hillyer Hall, by Friday, April 10.