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The architecture major is built on a mix of both studio and art history courses. The art history courses examine the interrelated artistic, historic, and cultural forces that create architecture and the built environment. Likewise, the studios explore the built environment "as a person experiences it," integrating traditionally separate aspects of landscape and architecture, building and city in the active "laboratory" of the design studio.

The major serves multiple audiences, and stems from the premise that the built world is shaped by many different people. One audience is those students who want to become design professionals—architects, landscape architects, and urban designers and planners. For them the major aims to provide a rigorous and creative base for graduate study. The other audience is equally important; these are the students who will go on to become doctors, politicians, academics, lawyers, or members of neighborhood design review boards. All students will eventually play a significant role in shaping our built environment, no matter what career path they choose.

It is recommended that architecture majors fulfill the 100-level art history requirement in the first year and begin the architecture studios in the second year, especially if they are planning to go abroad. Students planning to major in architecture will find courses in drawing, philosophy, literature, history and landscape studies taken in the first two years valuable.

A fee for basic class materials is charged in all studio courses. The individual student is responsible for the purchase of any additional supplies she may require. All studio courses require extensive work beyond the six scheduled class hours. Please note that all studio courses have limited enrollments.


Brigitte Buettner, John Davis, Laura Kalba, Barbara Kellum, Dana Leibsohn, Jim Middlebrook, John Moore, Frazer Ward

Requirements for the Major

Students entering Smith College in the fall 2013 semester or after are subject to the following requirements. All others have the option of following this set of requirements, or the one in effect when they arrived at the college or declared their major (see Smith College Course Catalog).

No course counting toward the fulfillment of the major or minor may be taken for an S/U grade. Courses associated with a concentration (such as IDP, ARX, etc.) cannot be counted toward the completion of the art major.

Requirements: 12 courses, which will include:

Graduate School Preparation
It is recommended that a student contemplating application to a graduate program in architecture take at least one semester of physics and at least one semester of calculus, after consultation with her major adviser.