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April 5, 2012
22nd Annual Phyllis Williams Lehmann Lecture

Details coming soon!

March 24, 2011
21st Annual Phyllis Williams Lehmann Lecture
"Herculaneum: Living with Catastrophe"Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and the British School at Rome
5:00 pm, Graham Auditorium, Brown Fine Arts Center, Smith College.

More about the annual P.W. Lehmann lecture...

April 4, 2011 (Mount Holyoke College)
"The Etruscan Underworld"
Professor Larissa Bonfante, New York University

Etruscan art represents many images of the Underworld, perhaps not surprisingly, since so much of it comes from graves in central Italy dating from 1000 to 100 BC. Many of the scenes include characters from Greek myth, which the Etruscans adopted as an integral part of classical culture, and used to express their own customs, ideas and religious beliefs. Etruscan art often illustrated the important idea of the Journey to the Underworld, a dangerous trip that was facilitated by local demons, in particular the beautiful female Vanth and her male partner, the hammer-wielding Charu. We will see examples of the survival of these figures in medieval and later time: it was no coincidence that the Renaissance started in the area where the Etruscans had lived, and where their art continued to be discovered.
Time: TBA, Location: Mount Holyoke College
Sponsored by the Mount Holyoke College

Crow Canyon

Internship of Interest - Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Crow Canyon's Research focuses on the ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) occupation of the Mesa Verde region. "We are currently investigating the historic development of communities from about A.D. 900 through 1300. By examining population growth, human environmental impacts, and social, political, and economic organization within and among communities, we hope to better understand the forces that contributed to cooperation and conflict among the Pueblo population. As part of this research, staff archaeologists are also studying the demographic structure of the area, including migrations into the region in the A.D. 900s and migrations out of the region in the late 1200s. An important element of our research is the development of innovative methods for studying the abandonment of structures and the depopulation of entire sites and regions. The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center maintains high standards of research and scholarship. Students and adults participating in the Center's research programs are closely supervised in the field and the lab, ensuring a positive learning experience for them, as well as high-quality research for the profession. In addition, American Indians-many of them descendants of the Pueblo people we study archaeologically-consult on all facets of our research, and colleagues from many other disciplines contribute their expertise to help us achieve our objectives." Complete details and deadline information here Application deadlines for 2010 research internships: Zooarchaeology, Environmental Archaeology: March 1, 2010 Field 1 & 2, Laboratory 1 & 2: March 1, 2010 Field 3 & 4, Laboratory 3 & 4: June 1, 2010


October was Massachusetts Archaeology Month!

The Massachusetts Historical Commission is accepting event information for the 2011 Archaeology Month Calendar. Visit their website to learn more!

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