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  The Minor in Archaeology

Programs are to be arranged by the student in consultation with her adviser for the minor and should be submitted to the Faculty Advisory Committee by the advisor for review. Not more than two courses from a student's major may count toward the minor. Only 4 credits of a language course may count toward the Archaeology minor. Students interested in archaeology are encouraged to speak with any of the advisers in the Program. ALWAYS check the main Smith College Course Catalog and the home department/institution for the most accurate information.

Last course update: November 9, 2012

Fall 2010

Spring 2011

5-College Courses

Bracketed Courses


Fall 2011

ANT 135 Introduction to Archaeology

ARH 216 Art and Architecture of the Roman World

GRK 100y Elementary Greek

GRK 310 Advanced Readings in Greek Literature: Herodotus

LAT 100y Elementary Latin

GEO 101 Introduction to Earth Processes and History (with GEO 102 prereq to 221, 231, 232)

GEO 221 Mineraology

GEO 231 Invertebrate Paleontology and Paleoecology

GEO 232 Sedimentary Geology

HST 204 The Roman Republic

HST 260 Colonial Latin America

PRS 313 Western Encounters in Afghanistan: From Alexander the Great to the Victorians to Modern Archaeology

REL 162 Introduction to the Bible I (Hebrew Scriptures)

See also: Department language courses in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic

Spring 2012

AMS Seminar: The Material Culture of New England, 1630-1860

ANT 221 Method, Theory & Practice

ARC 112/GEO 112 Archaeological Geology of Rock Art and Stone Artifacts

ARH 204 Art and Architecture of Ancient Americas

ARH 315 Studies in Roman Art. Topice for Spring 2012: At Home in Pompeii

GEO 112/ARC 112 Archaeological Geology of Rock Art and Stone Artifacts

GEO 251 Geomorphology

GRK 100y Elementary Greek

GRK 213 Introduction to Homeric Epic

HST 205 The Roman Empire

PRS 322 Goths: Origins, Histories, Legacies


See also: Department language courses in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic



5-College Courses

UMass-Amherst Anthropology

ANT 271 Human Evolution

ANT 320 Research Techniques in Physical Anthropology

ANT 325 Analysis of Material Culture

ANT 369 North American Archeology

ANT 397V Archeology of Israel and Palestine

ANT 577 Theory and Method in Archeology

ANT 597A Archeological Ceramics

ANT 597J Hominid Paleontology

ANT 597 Plagues and Peoples

Hampshire College

NS 138 Archeology of Disease

NS 138 Archeology of Children


Bracketed Courses, not offered 2009-2010

ARC 112/GEO 112 Archaeological Geology of Rock and Stone Artifacts

ANT 342 Anthropology of Material Culture

ARH 101 Scenes of Sacrifice

ARH 200 Gladiators and Actors in the Ancient Roman World

ARH 2xx Inca and Aztec: Visual Culture and Imperial Desire

ARH 204 Ancient America: Art, Architecture and Archaeology

ARH 206 Art of Ancient Egypt and the Aegean Bronze Age

ARH 208 The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece

ARH 210 Greek Sculpture

ARH 212 Ancient Cities and Sanctuaries

ARH 214 Etruscan Art

ARH 216 The Art of the Roman World

ARH 285 Great Cities: Pompeii

ARH 310 Sem: Studies in Greek Art

ARH 315 Sem: Studies in Roman Art

CLS 190 The Trojan War

CLS 215 Discovering Greece Through Material Culture

CLS 230 The Historical Imagination

CLS 235 Life and Literature in Ancient Rome

CLS 232 Paganism in the Greco-Roman World

FYS 151 Making Sense of the Pre-Columbian

FYS 234 Rites of Passage

GEO 232 Sedimentology

GEO 311 Environmental Geophysics (special prerequisites)

LAT 215 Roman Historians

HST 200 History of Ancient Greece and Rome

HST 201 The Silk Road

HST 204 The Roman Republic

HST 205 The Roman Empire

HST 211 The Emergence of China

HST 265 North America in an Age of Empires and Revolutions, 1400-1800

HSC 211 Perspectives in the History of Science

REL 211 Wisdom and Other Books of the Bible

REL 213 Prophecy in Ancient Israel

REL 215 Introduction to the Bible II

REL 216 Topics in Biblical Studies: Archaeology and the Bible: From Ancient Israel to Early Judaism and Christianity

REL 218j Exploring the Holy Land

REL 219 Christian Origins: Archaeology and SocioHistorical Perspectives

REL 310 Seminar: Hebrew Bible (formerly 313)

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